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Moribund Oblivion
K.I.N. / Killer Is Nowhere
December 2008
Released: 2008, Block Action Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

What do you know about Turkey? A handful of things, perhaps? So do I… What about the Turkish metal scene? Hmm… I can already see you scratching your head. That´s what I did anyway when I started provoking my head with some closer thoughts about the Turkish metal scene.

As a matter of fact, apart from bands like Pentagram (formerly Merzarkabul) - probably the most well-known metal band from that country - and Crossfire, I cannot recall any other names from there, not at the moment anyway (yes, I hang my head in great shame).

Moribund Oblivion also comes from Istanbul, Turkey - and they have chosen a darker and gloomier path for themselves than, let´s say, the aforementioned Pentagram in question. Moribund Oblivion plays black metal; the type of black metal that rages forward chaotically and apocalyptically at times, but also has many breaks, lots of melodies, clean vox, some gloomy atmospheres and twists and turns all wrapped around their blackish musical theme. It all sounds pretty darn good actually, and honestly I was having a hard time believing that Moribund Oblivion is actually a Turkish black metal band, considering the fact that metal music in general isn´t that popular in Turkey at all.

Nevertheless, the guys in Moribund Oblivion obviously know their stuff well, and they are blessed with a convincing enough amount of talent for being able to create such a solid package of well-crafted, melodic black metal anthems for their 4th full-length album, titled K.I.N./KILLER IS NOWHERE. Songs like “Blind Guide” and “Never Forgot” are seamless examples from these blacksters´ skills to combine black metal´s grimness and rawness with some beautifully catchy melodies, reminding one of what some of their Nordic brothers have done within the same genre. Moribund´s effortlessly rollin´ black metal doesn´t pale too much in comparison to any of them; so convincingly good and strongly prepared they do manage to sound on their latest effort.

As for some fair yet constructive criticism toward them, unfortunately I must say that their lyrical pencil doesn´t bend too well into English. In that department they do need some progression for sure. Also, I don´t think that such song titles as “Come Back”, or “Did Your Soul Tell Lies to You?” will convince any black metal purists out there of the creativity and uniqueness of this bunch. Some re-checking of their song titles could be in order regarding that, too.

What I found a bit odd, is the fact K.I.N./KILLER IS NOWHERE was released through a small, independent German label Block Action Music that is specialized for punk, crust and hardcore bands only. That only means, there must be something truly special in Moribund Oblivion then, right? ;o)
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. God Send
03. You Are Not Contented
04. Come Back
05. Your Life Is Done
06. Blind Guide
07. Never Forgot
08. I Will Bury
09. Did Your Soul Tell Lies To You?
10. Geriye Don
11. Outro


Bahadir Uludaglar - Vocals and guitar
Savas Sungur - Guitar
Onur Burgaz - Bass
Emre Kutucularoglu - Drums
Can Agriboz - Keyboards

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