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March 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

In Finland, new metal combos seem to be popping up from the (under-)ground all the time like mushrooms after the rain. Some of these mushrooms should be avoided like a plague, and some are worth picking up - just like these Finnish deathsters that go under the name Morg.

Morg´s whole history dates back to late 2003 when they were still a 3-piece band and the band was called Carcass Head (glad they changed the name). With the addition of another guitarist Antti, Morg took some drastic turns musically toward more of a thrashy and complicated experession, kind of pointing out the right path for the band to wander further with their future efforts.

MONOLITH is Morg´s 4th effort of their 4 year career - and it´s actually a pleasingly convincing and very promising recording from this relatively young band. Their music could best be described as some sort of a bastard child of death metal´s grooviness melted together with bits from thrash metal here and there. So, it´s a sort of mishmash of both death and thrash metal in a good measurement, which is always a pleasing combination when done well.

The opening track of this demo-EP, "Recurring End", is also the EP's heaviest and grooviest effort. The riffs in this tune are somewhat crushing, crispy and dead-heavy as they should be in death metal in general. Both Chris´ death grunts and Henri´s more black metal type of shrieks work out like two good team players should work for their own team, balancing the song in a good way. In fact, "Recurring End" reminds me slightly of the 90s Swedish death metal boom, added with some Trey Azagthoth school type of riffs. Quite an excellent track from its very first seconds up to the last grande finale, I must say.

The title track of the demo, "Monolith", is a more straightforward and aggressive combination of thrashy riffs and groovy, earth-shattering death metal rhythms. "Monolith" is also more varied, tune and structure-wise compared to "Recurring End", which just proves that these fellows are the receptors of many different influences.

In the 3rd track, "Dismal Void", we get punished again by some skull-splitting and down-tuned death metal riffs that are supported by wicked, blistering leads and an exhausting amount of aggression. This is a well-done song as far shaping up a song to its final form goes, but nothing that special after all.

"Crestfallen" has got a privileged position to end the demo - and it actually ends this demo in a memorable way as this particular tune is becoming my personal instant favorite song along with the opener of the demo. "Crestfallen", is yet again one of those songs that prove the band´s tendency to take different influences into their music. The song shows its ugly horns with its kinda Trey Azagthoth-ish lead parts, not forgetting to mention that Morg have also enough guts to step out from their musical box and go into almost (fusion-) jazzy type of things occasionally (check out a part which starts from 2:56 minute mark).

With a little amount of luck, Morg have a realistic chance to get signed to some record company as all the potential is already there. The only thing which may make it kind of difficult for them is that there are already several metal bands out there these days that have adopted a similar sound to Morg´s. However, I wish them good luck anyway for their further attempts to find a label for themselves.
Track Listing

01. Recurring End
02. Monolith
03. Dismal Void
04. Crestfallen


Chris - Vocals & guitar
Henri - Vocals & bass
Antti - Guitar
Turkka - Drums

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