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Suffer In Hell
July 2011
Released: 2011, Pagan Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

What is it with all the Black ‘ n’ Roll lately? There seems to be a bit of a surge in this sound lately. I mean it has always been around since the days of Venom and Bathory and naturally Darkthrone but there seems to be more and more of it and Mordhell is one of those newer bands parlaying this style into some good records.

SUFFER IN HELL is the sophomore attack from this Polish quartet. These are guys are simple, taw and evil, just the way these bands should sound. And of course they have cool names like Bloodwhip and Defekator showing they recognize the rules of the genre. They aren’t going to win any PC prizes for their lyrics on songs like ‘Graveyard Fuck’ and ‘Shut Up Cunt’. Naturally alcohol plays a nice part in these booze-fuelled, midnight graveyard party, anthems, like Possessed By Alcohol’ and Alcoholic Titfuckblast’. The whole album sounds like it is coming off the rails most of the time.

The playing is loose and raw, under-produced, the vocals barked and barfed and drumming straight-forward with lots of crash and ride cymbals all over the place. This reminds me a bit of Cranium from back in the day. I’m not sure that will get the same buzz as Kvelertak and maybe it’s not quite as good as Plaag but it’s still fantastic all the same. 13 quick blasts of black/Death for about half-an-hour puts a smile on my face. It’s important with this minimalist style to know to say when it’s enough.

I really like bands like Mordhell, they demonstrate that it all does have to be grim and necro all the time. There will never be a shortage of angry, drunk, horny, young men who grew up listening to Darkthrone and their Dad’s Venom albums so we should (Satan willing) always have great bands like Mordhell!
Track Listing

1. Smell of Burning Skin
2. Alcoholic Titfuckblast
3. Torment Till Death
4. You Are My Fucking Pornostar!!!!
5. I Shit On Your God
6. Graveyard Fuck
7. Princess-Faeces
8. Shut Up Cunt
9. Shit Blood And Metal Black
10. Destroy Yourself
11. Suffer In Hell
12. Dechristianize
13. Possessed By Alcohol


Nekrophiliac Vocals
Bloodwhip Guitars
Defekator Guitars
Grave Bass
Diabolizer Drums

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