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Morbid Sin
Sins of the Flesh
October 2010
Released: 2010, Stormspell Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Bobby ´Leatherlungs´ Lucas is a great vocalist who has earned his stripes in bands like Seven Witches, Overlorde and Resurrection (sort of a tribute band dedicated to such metal icons as Priest, Maiden, Sabbath, Dio, Rainbow, etc.). However, the first musical incarnation for Bob came in the form of a band called Morbid Sin that was formed in 1985 by Bob. The band recorded 3 demos and one album during the period of 1988-2005, and becoming mostly known for their intense stage shows that consisted of 2 seven foot sections of wrought iron cemetery gates adorned with shrunken heads and a huge banner behind an actual coffin which Bobby would 'arise' from the dead and begin to perform. Talk about some eye-catching visual performance here.

That one and only album that Morbid Sin ever recorded at Trax East Studio in South River, N.J. back in 1998, was actually never released...until now. Morbid Sin´s debut full-length album, titled SINS OF THE FLESH has remained unreleased for over 12 years, so it´s good to see it finally hitting metal fans in 2010.

SINS OF THE FLESH, featuring 9 songs altogether in 40 minutes, represents the kind of blend of metal that is honestly kinda hard to resist. Doomy and groovy riffs close to Black Sabbath, straight-forward heavy metal attacks a lá Priest, aggressive and catchy flow of the songs similar to Helstar´s, bits of the dark side borrowed from a band like Mercyful Fate - and as the true icing on the whole cake, of course Bob´s fantastic vocal performance - all these things together, make this album quite a winner in the end. The more one actually listens to the album, the more mystifying it is to think why this ´classic US metal´ gem wasn´t released the same year it was recorded? This is yet another piece of proof of this world not treating all bands equally enough. I mean, Morbid Sin did have all the strings in their own, firm hands back in the day to make things really happen for them, but unfortunately sometimes things don´t quite turn out the way they are supposed to turn out in the first place.

I am currently on my 11-12 round to credit this awesome album with some well chosen quality words as far as the songs on it are concerned, but since I sincerely want to save you from that overdose of sweet and wet words regarding SINS OF THE FLESH, I rather suggest you to go and find this somewhat perfect example of mandatory ´classic US metal´ album for yourself. There´s no way you could regret doing so if bands from Sabbath to Priest to Helstar have always been hailed in your books of honour and respect.

Oh, it also needs to be mentioned that Morbid Sin is working with the new material and are seeking a record label to release their follow-up album, so feel free to pay some attention to this shameless advertisement too, dear label owners! ;o)
Track Listing

01. New Revolution
02. Crazy Alan
03. The Outcast and the Savior
04. Heaven Help Us
05. Witch Window (Return to Salem)
06. Child of Darkness (Child of Light)
07. Jesus Wept
08. Beyond Wickedness
09. Torn Apart


Bobby "Leatherlungs" Lucas - Vocals
Wade "Meatslicer" Tyler - Guitar
Eddie Campbell - Guitar
Michael "Bulldozer" Poplees - Bass
Jimmy "Thunderfoot" Roe - Drums

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