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Morbid Execution
Vulgar Darkness
September 2012
Released: 2012, Deathgasm Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Deathgasm Records is proud to announce the release of MORBID EXECUTION’s Vulgar Darkness, the first full-length album from this Polish cult of sodomy and death. Featuring members of Throneum, the album bleeds filth and vile old school darkness that is tailor made for devotees of Hellhammer, Sodom and Bathory. Seven songs of alcohol fuelled Satanic evil!

So here is the debut full length release from Morbid Execution entitled Vulgar Darkness and the first thing that strikes me upon first listening to the album is this is a band that likes to do things old school. Not just by the looks of their bare bones, cult style artwork but also from the production on the album which sounds similar to an old Darkthrone release with elements of groovy Death Metal riffs at times as well that sound similar to Benediction and such like.

On tracks like Rusted And Demonized the pace slows down to an almost Doom Metal style and the sludgy bass heavy production gives it an almost Black Sabbath 70s era sound, whilst the vocals kick through with Black Metal roars that any old school Black Metal fan would be pleased with!

The album itself is quite short, totalling just 28 minutes, and whilst the riffs may be pretty straight forward and the production is also pretty raw compared to a lot of other modern releases, all of these things are what adds up to make something a bit different and unique and harks back to the origins of the Black Metal genre rather than releasing anything too over polished or disingenuous.

I guess this is Blackened Death Metal in its rawest form that you’ll get on Vulgar Darkness, forged in the fiery pits of Poland and delivered straight to your ears. It’s not pretty, it’s not technical, but it’ll still do a good job of kicking your ears in!

If you like your Death and/or Black Metal to be Raw, bare bones, straight up simple heavy riffs and vocals that would make old Darkthrone and Mayhem fans happy then be sure to gives these guys a go!

Review by: Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

Twisted Maniacs
1. Wizards of Silesia
2. Rusted and Demonized
3. Dreadful Romance
4. Hell's Driven Anger
5. Remain Breathless
6. Vulgar Darkness


Mr Bomber – Guitars/Bass
Uncle Morbid – Vocals/Drums

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