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Morbid Angel
Illud Divinum Insanus - The Remixes
April 2012
Released: 2012, Season of Mist
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Top 10 things that I’d rather spend 2 ½ hours listening to instead of Morbid Angel’s new remix album:

10. The non-remix version of ILLUD DIVINUM INSANUS

9. David Vincent trying to explain to me why I don’t get the new album

8. The Limp Bizkit marathon on my local rock radio station

7. Seth Rogan laughing

6. The 2 hour time management workshop that I had to sit through this week, which only taught me that I’d lost 2 hours of my day

5. My dog barking when somebody rings the doorbell

4. My neighbor’s mentally challenged kid trying to show me that he’s learned to play Pantera’s “Walk” on the guitar

3. My dementia riddled grandmother trying to put together a sentence

2. Dave Mustaine talking politics

1. Me in the bathroom after 50 cent taco night

Seriously, this is just terrible on so many levels. I haven’t got a clue about what Trey and company are trying to prove here, other than they’re the undisputed kings of alienating their fan base. Now I’m an open minded guy. I listen to a lot of different types of music and I’m willing to give anything a listen at least once. The whole techno/industrial thing isn’t my favorite cup of tea, but I’ll admit that there are some talented folks within that medium. And I’m not opposed to unconventional remixes. I personally felt that Prong’s POWER OF THE DAMNMIXXXER remix was better than the source material it was derived from, and yes, I’ve got a copy of the ’94 LAIBACH REMIXES EP somewhere in the vault. But ILLUD DIVINUM INSANUS - THE REMIXES is just plain bad. Not just bad in a metal context, but bad in an “oh, the humanity…” context.

And good grief, two-and-a-half hours of this? 2-CDs worth? Who do they expect to buy this garbage? Thank goodness for Spotify that I didn’t actually have to spend more than my monthly subscription fee to hear this abortion. And really, TEN different versions of “I Am Morbid”? That’s 32% of the album for our mathematically impaired friends. Brain Leisure’s version of “Too Extreme” does sound like a Bloodhound Gang outtake for whatever that’s worth. And no, none of the “Radikult” remixes make the original sound any less embarrassing. But overall it’s just a lot (I mean A LOT) of bad dubstep beats with David Vincent barking intermittently. The real joke would’ve been if the album had been remixed by death metal bands, so that fans would’ve finally gotten their money’s worth after purchasing the original album.

Should I be surprised that I’m disappointed? Not really, but somehow I still am. Morbid Angel is so far down the rabbit hole of self absorption at this point that anything is truly possible. Maybe a collaboration with Lil’ Wayne? Wouldn’t you love to see Trey and Dave rockin’ the Sean Jean sweat suits and a big Flava Flav clock? Or maybe a concept album with Lou Reed? That worked out so well the last time…

You get the idea. Save the 15 bucks you’d spend on this CD and give it to charity.
Track Listing

Disc 1:
1. Laibach - I Am Morbid (Wall Of Morbid Mix)
2. Cevin Key/Hiwatt Marchall - OmniDead
3. Brain Leisure - Too Extreme (Black Symphony Edition)
4. The Toxic Avenger - 10 More Dead
5. Malakwa - I Am Morbid
6. Synapscape - Too Extreme
7. Punish Yourself Vs. Sonic Area - Destructos Vs. The Earth (DoomsdayMarchMix)
8. Hiv+ - Too Extreme
9. Micropoint - I Am Morbid
10. John Lord Fonda - Too Extreme (Metallizer Remix)
11. Evil Activities - Radikult
12. Mixhell - Too Extreme
13. Black Lung - I Am Morbid
14. Mondkopf - Radikult
15. Xytras - Existo Vulgoré
16. Toxic Engine - I Am Morbid

1. Ahnst Anders - I Am Morbid
2. Nachtmahr - Destructos vs. The Earth
3. Tim Skold - Profundis/Mea Culpa
4. Black Strobe - 10 More Dead
5. Chris Pohl - Too Extreme
6. Project Pitchfork - Destructos vs. The Earth
7. Treponem Pal - 10 More Dead
8. Scott Brown - I Am Morbid
9. Fixhead - Radikult
10. DJ Ruffneck - I Am Morbid
11. Igorrr - Remixou Morbidou
12. Tamtrum - I Am Morbid
13. Tek-One - 10 More Dead
14. Adrian - I Am Morbid
15. The Horrorist - Existo Vulgoré


David Vincent - Vocals, Bass
Trey Azagthoth - Guitars, Keyboards
Destructhor - Guitars
Tim Yeung – Drums
Igorrr - Remixing
Black Lung - Remixing
Mulk - Remixing
Evil Activities - Remixing
Scott Brown - Remixing
The Horrorist - Remixing
Mondkopf - Remixing
Brain Leisure - Remixing
Xytras - Remixing
Fixhead - Remixing
Toxic Engine - Remixing
Tim Skold - Remixing
Roger Rotor - Remixing
John Lord Fonda - Remixing
Chris Pohl - Remixing

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