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The Second Rune
January 2004
Released: 2003, Brennus Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

2 years after the release of their debut self titled disc, Moonstone offer up 9 more songs on straight ahead metal. Moonstone were first formed in 1994 as the band Slacker. They changed their name to Moonstone in 1998. In the interim the band has toured extensively in their native France and also in Germany and England. The 2 years between releases has seen some changes in the Moonstone camp with the lineup now consisting of Paula Guittard: vocals, Emilien Vincent: guitar, Frank Vidal: guitar, Gilles Lesion: bass, MikyLee: drums.

THE SECOND RUNE sees almost a totally new lineup for the band with only Mikylee and Guittard remaining from the debut disc. The band has gone from a one guitar unit to a guitar tandem yet unfortunately there is only one lead guitar player which precludes the use of any blazing double leads, the use of which would greatly enhance what Moonstone are trying to do. “The 13th”, “Mindlord”, “The Second Ruin”, and “I Am Back” straight up power metal tracks that focus on Moonstones need for speed. It’s the pounding drums of Mikylee that drive the sound of this CD as the guitars seem to be buried in the mix. The tempo is taken down for the ballad “You’re Leaving Me” which helps to break up the otherwise speedy character of the disc.

As with their debut disc, Moonstone have done a good job with the packaging. The artwork is excellent and the band has included all the lyrics which is always a good idea. I have to admit though that I am a tad disappointed with THE SECOND RUIN. When I had heard the first CD I immediately thought that Moonstone were a band to watch out for. They seemed only a few small steps away from being a great act. Unfortunately they haven’t taken those steps on this CD. Maybe it was the lineup changes but it seems that the band is stalled in neutral and possibly have taken a step backwards. The songwriting is good but the spark of greatness that was on the first CD seems to have been buried a bit. I think its only time before Moonstone prove that they are a quality band. Usually the third release is a band’s sink or swim point and I look forward to Moonstone rebounding with a much stronger disc.
Track Listing

01. The 13th
02. Heart on Heart
03. Mindlord
04. Run
05. The Second Rune
06. You’re Leaving Me
07. Burning Fire
08. Pure Evil
09. I Am Back


Paula Guittard: vocals
Emilien Vincent: guitar
Frank Vidal: guitar
Gilles Lesion: bass
MikyLee: drums



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