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Moonlight Circus
Madness In Mask
February 2014
Released: 2013, Ice Warrior
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

When I discover a band and become a fan I want to hear more of them, not less! I do not buy into the broad and poor assumption that quantity automatically negates quality. There are bands that are very prolific and have consistently high quality albums. There are also bands like Moonlight Circus that is not prolific at all but still mange to keep the quality levels high.

I really enjoyed the debut album by Moonlight Circus. OUTSKIRTS OF REALITY came out on the smaller Italian record label, Elevate Records back in 2000. I bought it and liked it. I never heard from them again, until now. I just had assumed that they disbanded. They reformed in 2013 and I was delighted to see they have released their second album, MADNESS IN MASK. 13 years between records is a long time, it can kill careers and I doubt that many even remember this band, except the few loyalists like myself. If you really want to get into some ancient history and trivia, Moonlight Circus evolved from another defunct Italian Power/Prog band, Black Jester, who of course had an album called WELCOME TO THE MOONLIGHT CIRCUS.

Despite the awkward title, and a plain album cover, it is good to hear MOONLIGHT CIRCUS again. The band is now on the small, but very cool record label, Icewarrior and in the intervening years there have been a few other changes. You can’t go that long between albums and expect to keep the exact same line-up. MADNESS IN MASK debuts a new singer and new drummer. The new singer I think is a bit stronger and he has an appealing voice with range and clarity. This classic Italian Power/Prog and all the elements commonly found in the genre…huge long songs, soaring high vocals telling metaphysical tales of eternity and time, madness and insanity, multiple musical virtuosos all competing for space, safe, clean guitar tones and oceans of keyboards, all enough to sink a ship. Perfect!

I’m very pleased the band is back and they have retained the sound and style that attracted me to them in the first place. I hope we don’t have to wait another 13 years for a new album!
Track Listing

1. Follia
2. The Duel (Back from the Edge of Time)
3. Moutains of Madness
4. Winter Masquerade
5. Lord of Sands
6. Twilight Sky (Children of the Rainbow)
7. Wind of Solitude
8. Gabriel


Emanuele Cendron Vocals
Paolo Viani Guitars
Gianluca Tassi Bass
Daniele Soravia Keyboards
Salvatore Bonaccorso Drums

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Moonlight Circus
Madness In Mask
May 2014
Released: 2014, Pure Steel
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Moonlight Circus is an Italian epic/power metal band. They are coming back with a brand new album, their second effort, MADNESS IN MASK, after their first release which was a shock to the power metal senses. Now, they try to expand their music borders to other genres.

After the one and a half minute classical overture, “Follia”, the first track of the album, “The Duel (Back From The Edge Of Time)” begins in grandiose fashion with an epic/classical build reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen in the music and use of choral voices. The construction of the song is masterful, all the different sections fitting together to form a true power metal that Dream Theater, Blind Guardian and Stratovarius or any of their peers would have been proud of. It’s an opening track of an album from a band who sound like they have a point to prove.

In addition to the first track, there are many other standout moments; “Mountains of Madness” has at least three top quality riffs and sounds like a surefire hit single or as close to one as a progressive / power metal band can get to such a thing in a world of commercially produced fluff. “Winter Masquerade” sees Emanuele Cendron channelling the spirit of Michael Kiske over some dark brooding guitar work, giving an impressive performance. “Lords of Sands” deserves admiration for the name alone, the most emotional moment of this record beginning like a ballad-esque track to end like a powerful heavy song keyboard laden. “Twilight Sky (Children Of The Rainbow)”

and “Wind Of Solitude” are ‘cinematic’ enough to give a soundtrack type in the album.

Fans of BLACK JESTER, WARLORD, ADRAMELCH, LABYRINTH or KAMELOT would like this release. MADNESS IN MASK is not a classic epic/power metal album, but the band has all the good elements and qualifications to create their own masterpiece. This album is suggested for serious power metal fans.
Track Listing

2.The Duel (Back From The Edge Of Time)
3.Moutains Of Madness
4.Winter Masquerade
5.Lord Of Sands
6.Twilight Sky (Children Of The Rainbow)
7.Wind Of Solitude


Emanuele Cendron – Vocals
Paolo Viani -Guitars
Gianluca Tassi – Bass
Daniele Soravia – Keyboards
Salvatore Bonaccorso – Drums



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