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Blut Und Krieg
December 2003
Released: 1997, Somber Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

Where has Moonblood been all my life? It has been six years since BLUT UND KRIEG was unleased upon the world by the German master of black metal (No, not Herr Goat Opyros. Lol), Occulta Mors.

I almost feel as if I shouldn’t review this album at all, my reason being that if you haven’t discovered Moonblood on your own, you probably have no business cranking out the unholy epic black symphony anyway. Hah!

Without a doubt, BLUT UND KRIEG is one of the top 10, hell, maybe even top 5 black metal albums of all time. Ugly, raw, and brutal, yet at the same time melodic, epic, and beautiful, Moonblood embodies all the greatness once held by bands such as Darkthrone and Burzum in their most brilliant and glorious moments. Everything about this album is excellent. The guitar tone sets the mood for the entire album with a fuzzy, booming drone that envelops the listener. Try listening to Moonblood through a very good pair of headphones, and I guarantee that you will be sucked in! That’s what I was advised to do upon my first listen, as the first notes of “In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon” hit my ears as a total fucking deathmarch. This song shatters all definitions of what is epic. There is an etherial presence here, something larger than the music itself. Moonblood is just fucking sinister and evil. Occulta Mors’ vocals are the perfect kind of demonic rasp over the thick, doomy riffs to set the atmosphere of the album as an evil, anguished trance tinged with sorrow, hatred, and suffering. All songs on the album play upon these various themes to different degrees, but the true masterpiece on this masterpiece album is the nine minute long “...and Snow Covered the Lifeless Bodies.” Det Som En Gang WHO? Fuck, do I love that song.

My paltry words here cannot do any sort of justice to this most excellent piece of work. Moonblood – BLUT UND KRIEG defies adequate description. One does not mearly listen to this album; one must experience it. Totally fucking essential.
Track Listing

1.Intro – Midnight
2.In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon
4....And Snow Covered the Lifeless Bodies
5.My Evil Soul
6.Blut und Krieg
7.Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams
8.Under the Cold Fullmoon
9.I Am All
10.The Infernal Master Returns – Outro



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