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December 2005
Released: 2005, Wotan Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Some new Black Metal all the way from Mexico... Magnificat. Even if Black Metal isn´t my thing that much at all, I can still enjoy some of it when it sounds catchy, original, well-produced, and overall well-done. Magnificat have used some of these ingredients quite well, blending primitive Black Metal with nearly symphonic and epic sounding parts that remind me of some Diabolical Masquerade albums, added with some Yngwie Malmsteen styled solos. This is what makes Magnificat such an interesting yet ear-appealing band to me, not sounding like masses of other Black Metal bands these days.

After a storming intro which contains a very well done Yngwie type of solo, by the way - the first song "Suicide´s Monologue" is invited in by a blistering Black Metal attack that somehow brings Burzum to my mind, having some of those classical Yngwie solo outbursts here and there in the song which raises the song´s level of uniqueness even higher. "Spickatto Maestro in Am" could easily be an instrumental song ripped out from some early Yngwie album, a nicely put together 2-minute instrumental piece that has nothing to do with Black Metal at all. "My Cosmic Race" is only a blend of different nicely haunting effects, sort of a predule to "CCLXIII" in which the now defunct Swedish ´bible bashers´ Diabolical Masquerade´s name pops up in my mind more than every 6.66 seconds. "Agliareth Awakens: This Is Only the Beginning..." is an outro full of different types of creepy and haunting effects again that could have been replaced by another song as in my opinion ´just 2 songs for one mini-CD seems a bit like a waste of your time, right?

However, as there´s so much a true talent behind this band, they are forgiven for a lack of real songs on this particular ´mini-CD´. By all means go and check this band out if you are looking for something a bit ´out-of-ordinary´ Black Metal for your collection and are fed up with the current Black Metal scene with its overly polished and way too modern sounding albums. This might be something worthy of your time.
Track Listing

01. Hymns to the Elements: Armide by Lully Predule´s Variation
02. Suicide´s Monologue
03. Spickatto Maestro in Am
04. My Cosmic Race
06. Agliareth Awakens: This Is Only the Beginning...


Magnus Agliareth - Lead guitars, rhythm guitars and keyboards
Elidor - Vocals and bass
Basileus - Drums

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