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Render Of The Veils
October 2015
Released: 2015, Moribund
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Black metal usually conjures up images of northern Europe where it originated, images of bleak cold wastelands, images that fit with the atmosphere of the music and of where most bands are from. Moon, however, are from Australia, a place that doesn't spring to mind in relation to the genre, although it does have its fair share of bleak and barren landscapes, although of a different kind. “Render of the Veils” is the band's latest offering.

The music is cold, dark and distant. It enshrouds the listener in its veil offering false illusions of distant warmth. From the beginning it's clear that Moon are focusing on creating an atmosphere, and at that they succeed. Warm pads and synth choirs provide the perfect contrast to the cold shredding on the third track “Oration As A Vessel Of The Void.”

Fourth track “Casting A Shadow” has an almost deathrock-like quality with it's wailing, reverberating and obscure guitars creating an uneasy sound. This again succeeds at enshrouding the listener in it's shadowy veil, while different elements create a three-dimensional experience.

Every track has a mystical, ritualistic and occult feel to it. Like dark forces interacting, dark forces at play. Ancient secrets and tortured voices call from the past. They've called for thousands of years and they'll call for a thousand more. “As Stars Merge With Ice” creates a post apocalyptic atmosphere, at atmosphere of despair as the universe ends and the very last voices call out in desperation as their time comes to a bleak end.

As an album, this encapsulates what I seek in black metal. It's all about the atmosphere for me and Moon clearly has that aspect of the music nailed.

By Jacob Ovington
Track Listing

01 Immolation Euphoria
02 Modraniht
03 Oration As Vessel Of The Void
04 Casting The Shadow
05 As Stars Merge With Ice
06 Souls Secreted In Transparent Cel 07 Tunnels Of Lost Thoughts
08 Hanged At The Gates
09 Mirror Of Black Souls
10 Corrosion Delirium
11 Cold Delusions


Miasmyr - Guitar, Vocals Dirge - Bass Bernd - Drums Pandora - Keyboards Crowned Dan - Guitar



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