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New Born Day
April 2002
Released: 2002, Limb
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I love melodic power metal. I could listen to it all day, everyday. But even I realize that there is a massive glut of new melodic power-metal bands. Damn…I love this CD, it is flawless. Great production, good packaging, cool cover, great guitar work, nice understated solos, interesting lyrics…everything about this is awesome.

BUT… there are sooo…many bands coming out of Europe right now that are virtually identical to Montany. Many of them are on the Limb label too! There is nothing original about this band at all, musically, lyrically, image wise…nothing. Limb even uses their “in-house” artist, Eric Phillipe, who excellent work graces almost every Limb CD lately! For some people, zero originality is the kiss of death. For me originality is NOT important as long as the songs are good. These are good songs…the chorus to “Pyramid of Cheops” is so catchy, it is running through my head all the time lately! “Higher and Higher” rocks mightily and opening cut “Back From The Sky”, blazes like an good opening cut should. The songs themselves are very enjoyable.

This is a tough CD to rate…...if you are die-hard power-metal fan like me…this is a 4.5. Extremely enjoyable!! If you are a more discerning and/or critical metal fan who doesn’t fall in lust with every melodic, power metal band that comes down the pipe…this is a three. My journalistic integrity says, “I must be fair and consider the audience, and not fall into the trap of being a gushing fan-boy” (even though I am…) Therefore, we must stick with a three.
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