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Fear, Lies & Propaganda
October 2008
Released: 2008, Screaming Ferrett Wreckords
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

New England’s Mongrel bring a fair amount of dirty, amphetamine laced, biker metal to the table and blend equal parts early eighties hardcore punk rock to make up the fourteen tracks found on their latest disc “Fear, Lies & Propaganda”

Musically this record would sit nicely in any record collection next to the Motorhead and Saxon records, but that’s where the bar room boogie woogie comparisons end. The vocal delivery is dry, think Henry Rollins circa Black Flag Damaged era. Not a hint of reverb on these vocals. At times the vocals are closer to solo era Glenn Danzig, but for the most part they are aggressive in their phrasing. One small gripe is that the vocals are so all over the place influence wise it would be hard to pinpoint a trademark vocal sound for Mongrel. Having said that developing a trademark vocal delivery with a slick producer might only hinder the D.I.Y. element of the band.

The guitar tones on FEAR, LIES & PROPAGANDA are uniformly fuzzed and distorted, never straying far from the wall of sound brought on by the timeless combination of a Gibson guitar played loud and proud through a Marshall stack.

The production found here is a plus as well. The album has a warm analog sound to it. It comes out sounding much more like a vinyl than a cd, it’s rare now to find a cd released in the past decade that doesn’t suffer from being over compressed to hell.

FEAR, LIES & PROPAGANDA should appeal to fans of the aforementioned bands, as well as anyone looking for some kick ass rock & roll.
Track Listing

Track Listing
1. I Refuse
2. Who Would Jesus Destroy
3. Shut Your Mouth (Open Your Eyes)
4. The World Loves A Tragedy
5. Bound To Crash
6. Shut Up, Get Dead
7. West Memphis Hell
8. Houdini Act
9. Immolation
10. Attribution/Retribution
11. Watching Myself Die
12. Without Mercy
13. No Gods, No Masters
14. Dyslexic Alchemist(F.I.A.A.)


Adam Savage: guitars
Drew Barker: vocals
Ed Loguercio: drums
Rev: bass

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