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Burn Out The Stars
February 2005
Released: 2004, Aezra Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Magna-Fi opened this year’s Ozzfest dates with a fifteen minute set that seemed to get mixed responses from what I heard and read. I just missed their set at the Seattle stop but I did get a copy of their CD sent to me. BURN OUT THE STARS is ten tracks of modern rock (NOT metal) with radio-friendly pop hooks and the occasional guitar riff fronted by an emo-spouting vocalist. These guys are about as dangerous as an Olsen twin but if Atreyu, Nickelback, etc. are your cup of tea, you could do a lot worse than Magna-Fi.

The disc’s opening cut, “Where Did We Go Wrong,” is the highlight here and is a catchy little pop song with some decent riffs but the lovelorn blatherings that continue to infect each and every track get a little much. Songs like “When I Leave You,” “Beautiful” and “My Heaven” are dripping with emo sap and things never rise above mid-tempo. Magna-Fi aren’t nearly as phony and manufactured-sounding as bands like Good Charlotte and Atreyu but their music seems aimed at the same demographic. In other words, this is safe for any parent who may not want to corrupt Little Johnny/Janie with songs of death, destruction and mayhem but at the same time, give the kids some sense of rebellion because a guitar string is being hit.

Magna-Fi’s BURN OUT THE STARS is good clean fun and not without its merits. If I may take off my Metal Rules battle helmet and write as a music fan, it’s not half bad but for a metal site like this to recommend it is against our clearly stated bill of standards and practices. “Where Did We Go Wrong” you ask? Well, sending your very NON-METAL CD to a site called METAL Rules is a good place to start…

KILLER KUTS: “Where Did We Go Wrong”
Track Listing

1. Where Did We Go Wrong
2. When I Leave You
3. Down In It
4. Drown
5. This Life
6. TV Killed Me
7. Beautiful
8. Seconds, Minutes, Hours
9. My Heaven
10. Bradbury Heights


Mike Szuter—Vocals/Guitar
C.J. Szuter—Guitar
Rob Kley—Bass
Charlie Smaldino—Drums

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