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Viides Vuodenaika
December 2006
Released: 2006, Sakara Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The highly popular Finnish Thrash –torpedoes Mokoma, have stepped out from a short darkness back into the light again by releasing new 5-song EP, titled VIIDES VUODENAIKA (“Fifth Season” in English if you were just about to ask what the heck the title means?), through their own label Sakara Records. Those of you who have heard Mokoma earlier, surely know already what these relentless, high-octane thrashers are actually capable of when they are about to get their fingers near by this hot ´n´ famous Thrash -button. Man, all hell is about to break loose...

VIIDES VUODENAIKA introduces 5 songs altogether off which 3 tracks are so-called ´leftover´ cuts from the recording sessions of the band´s latest album, KUOLEMAN LAULUKUNNAAT. The first two songs on this EP, “Syvyys On Vaiti” and “Sirppi”, are purely ´in-yer-fuckin´-face´-Thrash in the meanest and ugliest format, kickin´ your nuts the best way they can - and leaving you somewhat breathless after those brutal sessions in Thrash –violence.

The 3rd song on the EP, called “En Elä Talven Yli”, is different, kinda angst-filled, melodic and mid-tempo tune which is a relaxed listen at this point of the EP after the first songs were already smashing the teeth in and mangling over your fragile neck.

Then we are introduced to “Avoin Hauta”, which is actually Mokoma´s own cover version from a classic Death -song titled “Open Casket”. This is the song that they have played live every time since 2002 by their audience´s request. Also, after the band requested it twice straight from Chuck´s mother, Jane Schuldiner, she finally gave her permission to the guys of Mokoma to record it only if some of the money from that song would be directed to the benefit of a cancer organization she founded after tragically loosing his son (we already know that tragic story way too well, don´t we?). Now that´s something really important how people should help each other in this world, right folks? “Avoin Hauta” is, in my opinion at least, this EP´s most precious gem; a real ass-kicker and Mokoma treats the song real well lots of respect to Chuck´s original masterpiece. It´s no wonder, however, Mokoma´s version from the song is more aggressive and thrashier just like it should be in the first place in the hands of them. It´s just awesomely delivered - and seriously one of the better Death -cover songs I´ve ever heard done by any band!

The last song, “Viholliset (“Enemies”)”, is a remake of an old Mokoma from the band´s VALU album is sort of an unholy alliance of Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk, ending up sounding a pretty vicious song all in all. Now it´s been proved Mokoma knows what it takes in order sound a bit ´punk´ish´, too. Just let it go and... voila!

As this EP clearly proves again, Mokoma never stops kicking our fat asses. They love what they do, I mean, kicking our lazy asses to make them to move out from a sofa to fridge, for more beer and sausage (covered with mustard if possible at all), for example...
Track Listing

01. Syvyys On Vaiti
02. Sirppi
03. En Elä Talven Yli
04. Avoin Hauta ("Open casket" Death -cover)
05. Viholliset


Marko Annala - Vocals
Tuomo Saikkonen - Guitar, vocals
Kuisma Aalto - Guitar, vocals
Santtu Hämäläinen - Bass
Janne Hyrkäs - Drums

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