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Luihin ja Ytimiin
May 2008
Released: 2008, Sakara Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The winner of 3 Grammy Awards (in the following categories ”The Best Live Band”, “The Best Album” and “The Best Vocalist” of 2008) at Finnish Metal Expo this year, Mokoma, have successfully continued their powerful efforts to make at least the Finnish metal crowd convinced that all the fuss about Mokoma as a hot ´n´ fierce (thrash) metal act , holds undoubtedly more water than your lousy and filthy underpants with “Korn is metal” tagged all over them.

Mokoma´s 4th full-length album, LUIHIN JA YTIMIIN, basically doesn´t differ musically that much from their previous 3 records they have recorded thus far, but continues to introduce Mokoma´s mean metal crusade with the same unique recipe which they have had since PUNAINEN KUKKO album, having added even some more of those unique ideas into the bottom of their already original sound.

For LUIHIN JA YTIMIIN, Mokoma have chosen their weapons well again. For thrash loving speed freaks there´s ´the usual dose of frenzied Mokoma-thrash´ on the album; songs like “Sinä Riität”, “Veriveljet”, “Sarvipää” and “Irvikuva” are nothing but the type of Mokoma that prove loud and clear the band can thrash very convincingly and in style whenever they want to. And to spit it out honestly from my point of view, that´s also Mokoma at its best when they turn the band into a frenzied, speed thrash machine.

Then there´s a song called “Nujerra Ihminen” on this new Mokoma record that has elements from fast and wicked sounding black metal even more than one would realize at first. During the very 1st minute of the song, nails are driven straight through your arms and legs and there´s no turning back after that. The same words could be applied to “Luo Nahka, Luo Sisus”, which isn´t a black metal song by any means, but still has some vicious guitar riffs in it that are used a lot by black metal bands in general. Mokoma have never been afraid of venturing into heavy death metal territory either. The album´s closing tune, “Ammu, Hautaa ja Vaikene (“Shoot! Bury! and Be Silent!” translated in English in case someone´s interested…)” is a beautiful reminder of the band´s courage to take a more death metallic mould and play with it a little bit. Kinda Cannibal Corpse-ish might one say about the song in question - and I would certainly agree.

A little problem, however, for me is such ´pop songs´ on LUIHIN… as “Entistä Ehompi” and “Marras” that obviously aren´t heavy or metal enough for a picky taste of such a narrow-minded metalhead that I openly confess to be. I don´t know… I just don´t like these types of songs at all even if it´s certain these types of songs do add more variety and balance into their mostly thrash-based sound. I would rather see Mokoma as a fully fledged, aggressive thrash unit as that´s something which they can do very convincingly, having no need to prove anything else about what they could possibly also do music-wise. Thrash is still their thing which they should stick to even more - and thrash only because like I said earlier, these fellows do know how to thrash - there´s simply not a slightest question about that. No further complaints about them this time… ;o)
Track Listing

01. Sinä Riität
02. Nujerra Ihminen
03. Veriveljet
04. Entistä Ehompi
05. Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu
06. Sahalaita
07. Turvaa Selusta
08. Sarvipää
09. Marras
10. Irvikuva
11. Luo Nahka, Luo Sisus
12. Ammu, Hautaa ja Vaikene


Marko Annala - Vocals
Tuomo Saikkonen - Guitar & vocals
Kuisma Aalto - Guitar & vocals
Santtu Hämäläinen - Bass
Janne Hyrkäs - Drums

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