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Mob Rules
Temple of Two Suns
December 2001
Released: 2000, LMP/SPV
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: CrashTest

Based on the name alone, you would think that Mob Rules makes music in the tradition of Black Sabbath. Yet the band hails from the northern part of Germany, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that they are actually power metal to the core. Solid power metal at that.

As one would expect (due to the recent oversaturation of power metal bands), there isn’t anything particularly original or mind-blowing on TEMPLE OF TWO SUNS, just well-played power metal in the tradition of your Gamma Rays and HammerFalls. However, there are a couple of note-worthy differences. First of all, the sound is more melodic than typical power metal fare. Rich, catchy choruses abound and the music flows seamlessly. Of course, when a band goes melodic there are some things that get sacrificed. Thus, the guitar distortion isn’t overly heavy and there are no double-kicks in the drumming. There are also some ballads thrown into the mix.

In should also be pointed out that TEMPLE is a concept album which continues the story begun on the debut album, SAVAGE LAND. On the debut listeners were introduced to a future in which the world has been destroyed by nuclear holocaust, yet the human race finds a way to survive under the leadership of the Ruler of the Waste Land. On TEMPLE, the hero returns and leads mankind to a mystical valley where resides the remains of an Aztec temple. It is upon the ashes of this ancient culture that the people build a new life for themselves. Sure, it sounds a little like the whole Iron Saviour thing, but who cares? Power metal fans of the world will appreciate Mob Rules in their own right. And to those who may be tired of the oversaturation of power metal clones ... don’t just pass this one over! You’ll be missing out on a very creative showcase of metal musicianship.

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