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Mechanical Spin Phenomena
December 2003
Released: 2003, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

Nu-metal. Metalcore. Shit.

Whatever you want to call it, Mnemic’s MECHANICAL SPIN PHENOMENA is it. You’d think that a band whose name is Latin for “memory,” and with a title as pretentious as MECHANICAL SPIN PHENOMENA, you would be in for some kind of supreme technical metal such as Spastic Ink, Spiral Architect, Watchtower, or the like. How wrong that assumption is. This is the kind of crap getting favorable airplay on commercial hard rock stations across the country.

Distorted, downtuned, pseudo-industrial sound, and the “broken-riff” stop-and-go playing of bands such as Meshuggah, Fear Factory, SYL, Sevendust, and such permeate this festering pile of filth. I’m ready to get on the phone to the psychiatric ward pharmacy to order some Haldol chemical restraints for this schizophrenic amalgamation of uninspired, incoherent riffs. Sure, Mnemic, you can be as loud and as heavy as you wish. So can the chimpanzees in the zoo when they discover their first set of metal trash cans.

Of course, the sheer heaviness (:rolleyes:) must be certainly be offset by melodic synth breaks, as any good nu-metal album ought if it is to break into the “radio-friendly” territory (see the title track for an example). All we need is a dance mix. At least Soilwork managed to write catchy songs on their last album. The only track I can tolerate is DB’XX’D (whatever that means).

If you’re looking for some metalcore, feel free to pollute your ears with this abortion. Personally, I’ll take the latest Lamb of God and Shadow’s Fall ‘cause at least they can write a coherent song with riffs lasting longer than 2 or 3 beats.

(Oh, yeah. Apparently, Mnemic is not familiar with the Latin language. The band name is an acronym for: Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation)
Track Listing

2.Blood Stained
6.The Nakes And The Dead
7.Closed Eyes
8.Mechanical Spin Phenomenon
9.Zero Gravity


who cares?

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