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Words of Dead God (EP)
December 2010
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Evil is here, the beast has arisen and vengeance is on its way… In other words, the Finnish blackened extreme Metal act MMD have returned to form – and recorded their 2nd 4-track effort. It is entitled WORDS OF DEAD GOD and it is packed with some positive musical ingredients that cannot be left completely unnoticed either.

MMD impressed me last year with their 3-track debut demo, and I remember drawing such names as Samael and Dimmu Borgir in comparison to them as far as their music on that release was concerned.

Well, having listened their latest offering, I would still pick up at least those two aforementioned names in comparison to MMD; there´s some certain flavors that tend to throw listeners to the same dark and pompous musical realms in which both the Swiss Samael and Norwegian Dimmu Borgir have hardened their weapons over the years.

MMD have truly made more than a decent job on their brand-new opus that is a combination of Thrash, Death and Black Metal elements, thought out well and skillfully performed – with some good production values. The high quality riffs, catchy hooks and thoroughly well-carrying melody lines, etc. – they are all here, creating a little vicious monster that comes to your neck from every direction, punishing you mercilessly. The keyboard parts deserve a special mention on this release, as they are played wisely – and are there merely to create a thick atmosphere behind the other instruments. If you need a proof for this, by all means check out a track no.3 called ”Rage in Blood”, and you know what I meant by defending the keyboard´s importance on this recording. On the other hand, when all that enormous amount of time – full of intense rehearsing, blood and sweat that they have used for shaping up the songs on this 4-track CD-EP for a final strike, has paid off for them this well. They can consider themselves on pretty secure waters because their hard work won´t remain unnoticed among the record industry people.

WORDS OF DEAD GOD is both music and production-wise a somewhat high-class product. It obviously pleases fans into atmospheric and aggressive Black and Death Metal especially. There´s no way that I could not recommend this for all the fans of the aforementioned Metal genres. Get this – and be instantly hooked by it.
Track Listing

01. With Cold Lips I Kiss the Fallen One
02. Purulent Web of Deception
03. Rage in Blood
04. Words of Dead God


Mojo - Vocals
Abyss - Guitar and vocals
Ardath - Bass and vocals
Lily Orlok - Guitar
Ripper - Drums

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