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3-song Promo 2009
June 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

When Mr. Abyss (also known for his involvement in Beherit these days) parted ways with his previous band Chaosweaver in spring 2008 in order to put together his own musical perversion (which could be labeled as dark metal), it was certain he wouldn´t take his new band formation too lightly, but would give it a very serious shot before coming out from the darkest depths of the ground into the daylight.

Now, a year later, we are introduced to a new dark metal outfit coming out from Finland – baptized by these mysterious 3 letters MMD that has recorded their first ever studio 3-track effort. The question is, can it bear daylight – and be under people´s hard criticism? Well, now having been listening to these 3 songs nonstop for the last couple of days, I´m secure to say, it can – the songs speak for itself.

All the songs are beautifully shaped around strong, oppressive and hostile sounding atmospheres, greatly executed bridges between each single song part that lock in nicely, a clever yet equal and justified use of each instrument involved that have found a very good harmony and balance in this whole dark metal picture of theirs that they have painted using strong colors – and most of all, the guys prove clearly with these 3 songs already they are worth getting offers for a record contact already, without exaggerating the facts one bit. This is very strong material throughout, ripened with time, and professional dedication and motivation – and I think I´m not that wrong to claim that sort of Samael-ism and Dimmu Borgir-ism have been reigning somewhat supreme in most of these fellows´ households for the past years if their songs are anything to go by.

MDD have truly shown their claws, and they are surely sharp enough to leave an everlasting mark in your memory. Great stuff here.
Track Listing

01. This Is My Sabbath
02. House of the Veiled Serpent
03. Shapes


Mr.Mojo - Vocals
Mr Abyss - Guitar and vocals
Mr Ardath - Bass and vocals
Mr Orlok - Guitar
Mr Ripper - Drums
Mr Vulvus - Synths

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