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June 2011
Released: 2010, Lion Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

You might think that hearing neo-classical Power Metal albums about dragons would get tiring but, no. That’s like saying I get tired of beer and sex. It will never happen, it will never get old and you always want more. Thankfully Mistheria has delivered DRAGONFIRE!

Mistheria, for those of you not in the know, could truly define Italian Power Metal. Guiseppe Iampieri (aka Mistheria) is a musician, keyboardist, artist and generally well-rounded composer/song-writer. He has done movie soundtracks, new age albums, acoustic piano stuff, but none of that stuff matters to us here at What does matter is, what I believe to be his true love, namely Metal, and his excellent new album DRAGONFIRE.

This is actually his third ‘Metal’ solo album in the past decade-plus and he is not that productive in the Metal realm, so this is a bit of an event, his first Metal solo record in six years. To be honest he has done a ton of work on other peoples albums as well so it is not like he is sitting around doing nothing. He has worked with Arthur Falcone, Simone Fiorletta, Fabio Colela and lots of other Italian virtuoso type dudes.

Accordingly, this album is overflowing with guest stars! DRAGONFIRE has lots of vocal kill-power on deck. John West, Bob Rock, Mark Boals and Lance King…those names might mean something to you. How about adding George Bellas (Ring Of Fire) and Roger Staffelbach (Artension) to the mix? Journeyman John Macaluso handles the drums and Alberto Rigoni (Twinspirits) handles the bass. Not bad! (As a side note Rigoni has a new solo album too and the new Twinspirits rocks as well. Check ‘em out.)

Loaded to the hilt with talent will only take you so far. Fortunately Mistheria can really write a killer neo-classical symphonic Metal tune. Even looking at the song titles alone gives you a valuable clue as to what you might hear. ‘The Metal Opera Part 2: The Eye Of The Storm’, ‘Chopin Fantasy’ and the title track will tell you what you need to know. If you like neo-classical Italian Power Metal buy this. I can’t be more blunt than that.

As expected an entire album written by a keyboardist is top heavy on keyboards of all sizes, shapes styles and sounds. This makes for a very textured and layered sound laced with shredding solos and all bolstered by soaring metal vocals. It’s a dense album, 13 tracks deep with a few brief interludes and it take you an hour to digest it all, like a big, heavy, multi-course Italian feast with all your friends in attendance. Worth every bite!
Track Listing

1. Dragon Fire
2. Lies and Deception
3. Killing the Pain
4. Two of Us
5. Metal Opera (Part 1): A.D. 1982 (instrumental)
6. Metal Opera (Part 2): Eye of the Storm
7. Now It's Never
8. Fire and Flames
9. The Prelude of My Life (instrumental)
10. Chopin Fantasy (instrumental)
11. The Power of One
12. The Beast
13. A Beautiful Dream


Giuseppe Iampieri Keyboards
Alberto Rigoni Bass
John Macaluso Drums

Many guest vocalists

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