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Creeping Time
July 2016
Released: 2016, Maple Metal Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

This album caught my ear immediately. The creepy opening introduction features the always-unsettling sound of a baby crying and huge orchestral strains of a Gregorian style monk-chanting coupled with Halloween (the movie) type keyboard lines. The whole thing reminding me to the soundtrack of a satanic sacrifice of a new-born. Album intros are a dime a dozen and I like them, but the intro track (‘The Last Knell’) to the debut album by Misteyes made me sit up and listen.

Despite setting the bar high early on, this Italian, Progressive, gothic, Death/Black Metal septet continue to deliver track after track of high quality Metal. The album is called CREEPING TIME which leaves a bit to be desired but the band, based on the small Canadian label, Maple Metal, did come up with a very evil looking album cover. The production is full and robust and brings out the many elements in the multi-layered music. The band uses some decent stage names but the song titles could also use some refinement, titles like ‘Brains In A Vat’, ‘The Prey’ and ‘Decapitated Rose’, sound like they belong on a straight-up Death Metal album, not this regal and classy Symphonic Black Metal thing. It could be a matter of translation.

Musically this band has got several strong assets, one the main ones being the Beauty and beats vocal attack of Irmin (male) and Ainwen (female), they paly off each other very well. Irmin does a classic Death growl with touches of a Black Metal delivery and Ainwen is a soprano who hits some greats notes and has a powerful delivery. I realize the beauty/beast counter-point is nothing new but they do it very well. All across the album there is lots of orchestration, symphonic stylings, acoustic bits and more. The Metal is never overshadowed with a twin guitar attack and above-par drumming, largely double-kick driven, keeping everything moving along at a fierce pace. The overall impact is very much like a soundtrack in places especially songs like the eight-minute closing opus, ‘Winter’s Judgement’ complete with a whispered spoken death vocal.

If you are a fan of Dimmu, Cradle of Filth and especially Carach Angren this album will certainly appeal to you. I’m very impressed by CREEPING TIME and if this band gets enough attention could go to the next level.
Track Listing

1. The Last Knell
2. Creeping Time
3. Brains in a Vat
4. Inside the Golden Cage
5. Lady Loneliness
6. The Prey
7. Destroy Your Past
8. The Demon of Fear
9. A Fragile Balance (Awake the Beast - Part 1)
10. Chaos (Awake the Beast - Part 2)
11. Decapitated Rose
12. Winter's Judgement


Irmin Vocals
Ainwen Vocals
Insanus Guitar
Decadence Guitar
Hyde Keyboards
Hephaestus Bass
Krieger Drums



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