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December 2001
Released: 2001, MNW
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

When opening the cd booklet for the first time without knowing any single thing about the band in advance I was about throw the whole damn cd at the wall seeing a pic of a bunch of individuals with amazing evil true names and above all their images. Six persons having dressed into the tight PVC clothes and dresses and of course mandatory grim looking black metal make ups. Oh hell more Dimmu Borgir clones was naturally the first thought of mine. I cynically ignored the output and left it lying on the table for a couple of weeks before having got a black moment in life and turned it on. The surprise was substantial even my lower jaw fell on the table when hell let on loose. Total unholy black metal (surprise), but with the crystal clear sound qualities. What the hell is this group anyway, where are they from ?! Norway, no Sweden I couldn't believe. I gotta admit never having heard of them ever before until now. Misteltein's existence was purely an entire mystery to me, because of I have systematically attempted to avoid getting familiar with the current over hyped and -saturated black metal offerings in the metal market nowadays due to a lack of simple interest.

The obvious causal relation converting my sceptical attitude toward Misteltein into the convinced astonishment was resulted by their matured ability to compose vicious sounding material and unleash such the highly polished black metal stuff with the needed blackish ambitious. Of course the stylish crystal clear sound policy definitely helps Misteltein to draw more attention from people not interested in the nihilistic primitive and bestial cellar/garage approaches and apparently will increase both the following and the interest toward the band. But admittedly my first impression of Misteltein while seeing the pic was basically justified as getting labelled to the same category as a kindred spirit band of Dimmu Borgir won't go too far after all since both the bands share the same kind of philosophy as for the use of the keyboards and secondly their willing to invest in having the sound quality of , not focusing on the the crappy sounding cellar/garage quality and both the bands don't differ that much in a listener's ears after all.

Kinda worthless to speculate, but whatsoever; if DIVINE. DESECRATE. COMPLETE had been released four-five years ago where they would be now ?!?
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