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November 2001
Released: 2001, No Fashion Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

AAARRRGH...!!! This shit hurts. This shit fuckin CREEPS!! The Swedish cherishers of black blood and death’s vomit, Misteltein, make quite an impact on me with their 2nd album, DIVINE. DESECRATE. COMPLETE. The very messengers of death and destruction respectively, Seron (invocation), Nagrinn (malevolent distorted bloodfeud), Mishrack (incineration & processed angelcries), Hel (hymns forlorn), Karagat (unlimited ways of damnation through disharmonies) prove to be a truly professional bunch of Black/Death Metal’s top elite by filling this astonishing 9-song little monster with some of the most malicious, evil and finest moments that has ever - and I really mean EVER!, been spit out within the Black/Death Metal genre! At my first listen, I was expecting a new-born bastard son of either Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Filth, but the more I started wandering inside the nightmarish horror world of theirs, the more I started to believe in this bunch and give them my blessing about something unique yet refreshing in their Dimmu/Cradle flavored assault. They happen to be THAT fuckin’ good!! Monstrous, murky and devastatingly heavy riffs, hyper-speed blast beats, extremely symphonic yet utterly harmonious song arrangements, downright twisted, evil and pissed-to-the-very-core vocal patterns of Seron and epic-length songs with tons of variety, are the essential and vital elements for raising Misteltein to the very same league with bands like Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth and Dark Funeral. They have the same dark mischievous vibe going around their music relentlessly and not stopping for a second for loosing its lethal grip around your fragile neck.

In extremity, Misteltein don´t quite beat Zyklon or Cadaver Inc., but in class and catchiness, they easily do. At this moment, it’s hard for me to pick up the best songs out of DIVINE... ´coz they all sound equally good. You can always try out such songs as "Completion", "Excruciate the Virgin Dream (which reminds me of another Swedish fast and furious Armageddon´s special troops Allegiance in some peculiar way... -hmmm!!) or "Entwined" as samples - and if you share a twisted and perverted mind like mine is, you’ve already fallen in love with these brothers and a sister (YEZ!) of evil prophecies for sure!!

Breath-infesting, mind-melting stuff indeed... Come and crucify my genitals if I didn’t tell you the whole truth!!
Track Listing

01. Bloodline Desires
02. Thy Kingdom Cum
03. Where Angels No More Roam...
04. Completion
05. Forsaken Emperor
06. Excruciate the Virgin Dream
07. Eye of the Shadowden
08. Entwined
09. Ascending Through Descending


Seron - Vocals
Nagrinn - Guitars
Mishrack - Guitars
Hel - Keyboards
Karagat - Bass
Nirag - Battery, keyboards

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