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Misery Index
The Killing Gods
July 2014
Released: 2014, Season Of Mist
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

When I hear good news (and good music!) from death metal bands, I am always with a big smile on my face. Misery Index, one of the best new death metal bands of our generation, made a purely lethal death metal record, both in playing and sounding. Several grind elements are integrated in classic metal structures and length. THE KILLING GODS is their fifth album; far away from the grind world they suggested us in the previous efforts. Now, you are wondered how this record is sounding? “Gallows Humor” is a pure and absolutely a Misery Index song, but if it was released 7 years ago, it would be 3 times faster and the Slayer-istic part would have been more brutal.

Another one change is that: the first five tracks of the album are all part of one collective song called "Faust". Misery Index wouldn’t have done anything like that, a multiple-part song, in the past.

In addition, they began to put more solos in the tracks (thank God!) and now they choose extensive musical structures like the title track (5:30 minutes). As a death/grind band they wouldn’t have done something like that previously.

I am very happy that a non classic death metal band has enough to say (and play) in the saturated field of death metal. THE KILLING GODS is a catchy death metal sonic behemoth, with modern sound but far away from near-death-metal bands (deathcore) like Whitechapel and co. Their music is only simple and stripped-down death metal.

If the band will split-up after this record, it would be like Metallica’s split-up after MASTER OF PUPPETS
Track Listing

1. Urfaust
2. The Calling
3. The Oath
4. Conjuring the Cull
5. The Harrowing
6. The Killing Gods
7. Cross to Bear
8. Gallows Humor
9. The Weakener
10. Sentinels
11. Colony Collapse
12. Heretics


Jason Netherton – Vocals, Bass
Mark Kloeppel – Guitar, vocals
Adam Jarvis – Drums
Darin Morris – Guitar

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