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Misery Inc.
Suicide Serenade
December 2003
Released: 2003, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Yet another new young band from, where else??, Finland. Misery Inc. is one more in a long line of bands to hail from that most depressed of countries. More importantly they are one of the best new bands right now.

Playing a melodic style of metal that reminds me most of Sentenced (and possibly Liquid Horizon), Misery Inc. whip through a quick five songs on this, the band’s third demo. The Sentenced comparison is applicable to both the music and the lyrics, as the band is clearly not into singing about the happier side of life with songs like “Suicide Serenade”, “Life Ain’t Fair” and “Hated (Last Song)”. Make no mistake though, Misery Inc. is not a doom band by any stretch of the imagination. No, rather almost all of their songs are upbeat metal hymns, shot through with melody and spiked with catchy hooks. The one exception is middle track, “Life Ain’t Fair” which is a heartfelt and depressive dirge, the perfect soundtrack to wrist-slitting.

I’m actually quite astounded that such a young band have come up with such an impressive batch of songs as they are already very accomplished song writers. Favorites on here have to be the one-two salvo of the title track and “Follow”, both up tempo bashers that stick deep, deep into the brain. I swear, I was signing “Follow” to myself for hours on end at work. You’d be surprised at the weird looks that you get when you sit at your desk and headbang when there’s no music playing. Ahem…

This is surely a band that melodic metal fans will want to check out, as they are one of the rising stars of the scene. The band has recently signed to ZYX Music who will release their debut album in January 2004. Definitely one to watch out for.
Track Listing

1) Suicide Serenade
2) Darkness
3) Life Ain’t Fair
4) Follow
5) Hated (Last Song)


Jukkis: Vocals
Jukka: Bass
Janne: Guitar
Jonttu: Drums
Teemu: Guitar

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