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Misery Inc.
Random End
July 2006
Released: 2006, Firebox Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Few releases come across my desk that find their way into my CD player day after day after day till nearly a whole month has been spent listening to and digesting a them. It might be rare but that is exactly the case with the latest output from Finland’s Misery Inc. The first thing that drew my attention to the CD was the interesting cover art. The artwork is a clown sitting in the foreground with a gun to his temple while in the background a circus big top burns and animals run for their lives. It is a very interesting (and depressing) cover to say the least. The more interesting thing however is the music contained on the disc. This is some of the best hook laden metal that I have heard in a long time.

From the opening track “Hymn For Life” right on through to the closer “…Out of Here Alive” Misery Inc alternate from growling brutality to straight ahead traditional metal all the while keeping their own distinct personality intact. “Further/Deeper” is a strong contender for the best track on RANDOM END. One of the more straightforward songs on the disc, the vocals are handled admirably by Niko Mankinen and gel perfectly with the modern almost chugga guitar riff that reminds me a lot of German band Symphorce. “Yesterday’s Grave” is up next and here the intensity is kicked up a notch as both vocalists, Niko Mankinen and Jules Näveri, make appearances with growler Naveri being the perfect augment the smooth sound of Mankinen. Though the band carries an almost depressing feel to their music ala Sentenced, the sound is generally much faster than latter day Sentenced. There is a thrashiness that pervades the songs and the inclusion of clean and growled vocals just gives the sound that much more of a frenetic pace.

The fact that this CD has such quality material from beginning to end was a bit surprising for me. I have heard great things about the band in the past but I guess that I just had to hear for myself. This being the bands second full length it is amazing that they have achieved this level of maturity so early in their career. RANDOM END is one of the better releases that I have heard in a long time and a definite contender for one of the top releases of the year.
Track Listing

01. Hymn for Life
02. Fallen Rage
03. Further/Deeper
04. Yesterday's Grave
05. Apologies Denied
06. Cyanide
07. Source Of Fatal Addiction
08. Greed Rules the World
09. Truth
10. No Excuse For Weakness
11. …Out Of Here Alive


vocals: Niko Mankinen
vocals: Jules Näveri
guitar: Janne Tolonen
guitar: Teemu Ylämäki
drums: Joonas Kauppinen
bass: Aki Heikinheimo

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