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Throne Of Existence
March 2015
Released: 2014, Deep Send Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Addison Herron-Wheeler

This debut album by Swedish death metalers Misericordia is super impressive, to say the least. As a reviewer, brand new death metal bands with obscure names and semi-generic album covers and titles like THRONE OF EXISTENCE pass through my inbox every day, but, say what I will about the cover and the title, I am really glad I gave this one a spin and a second look. Not only is this album uniquely melodic and heavy as hell, it is also extremely strong musically, and holds attention until the very end.

As I already mentioned, the cover of this album, a felled bird, a pentagram, an etched tombstone, done in Photoshop, might not grab your attention and make you think, “Holy shit, I need to hear this now.” However, as important as I think strong cover art and presentation are, this is one case where you should take the age-old advice and not judge a death metal album by its cover. All ten of the songs on this release are solid gold; there are no boring interludes to skip over here. My favorite is probably the epic and hard-hitting “For our Father,” followed closely by the melodic track before it, “The Salvation.”

I would recommend this album to everyone who likes good ol’ fashion death metal, especially with some blackened and melodic tinges. It’s a bit polished sounding and not the rawest or most brutal thing out there, but it hits hard and it sounds good, which cannot be said for a lot of the stuff that comes out nowadays. If heavy, genre-blurring death metal is your thing, then give this a spin today.
Track Listing

1. Throne of Existence
2. The Art of Perfection
3. Bleak
4. The Salvation
5. For Our Father
6. In Ater Interlude
7. Abandoned / Unhallowed
8. The Righteous Order
9. Blind By Belief


Endymion Drum
Kail Guitar
Deobrigula Vocals



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