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It's All Yours
April 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

The UK’s Misconducter’s are one of those bands that tend to suffer because their sound can’t be pigeonholed into a familiar genre label. Which is a damn shame, because the band’s new full length, IT’S ALL YOURS, is a rockin’ slab of pissed off punk infused pre-thrash. With a sound that recollects everything from Venom and Motorhead to the Dead Kennedys and East Coast hardcore, and an outlook that’s suspicious of anything mainstream, there’s plenty to like if you’re willing to set your preconceptions aside.

Though IT’S ALL YOURS is Misconducters’ first full length, the band has several self released EPs under their belt already, and this album doesn’t stray far from where’ they’ve traveled previously. But what it does though is harness the band’s rampant energy with better production values and a more robust track list, which makes a big difference. What I find endearing about the band is their ability to combine such divergent influences into a final product that makes sense. The opening title track has a decisively NYHC flavor, complete with a chorus worthy of the gang sing-a-long, and tunes like “Bad Slave,” “Deceived” and “Endless Maze” have a heavy dose of Black Flag in them. Conversely, tracks like “Awakening,” “Rip Ride,” “To Cinders,” “Sick of Hearing Shit” and “Misconducter” are more straight ahead metal tunes, full of gritty, pit friendly swagger. Let me put it another way – Slayer learned to play fast listening to the same type of bands that influence Misconducters. Feel better now?

Generally operating as a power trio, Misconducters are currently short a bass player, leaving mainstays Den and Cai to pick up the pieces for this recording. But you’d never know that listening to the disc, as IT’S ALL YOURS has a very live in the studio feel which give the tunes an additional boost of adrenaline. The songs range anywhere from 1-3 minutes in length and progress at an aggressive clip, so the album feels like a full listening experience without any of the tracks outstaying their welcome. Bottom line – if mean riffs and a “society’s no frickin’ use” attitude mean anything to you, or you’ve ever shouted “oi, oi, oi” in public, then Misconducters could be just the band to make your day. IT’S ALL YOURS is available now, check out the band’s website for more details.
Track Listing

1. You’re Asking For It
2. Rip Ride
3. Bad Slave
4. To Cinders
5. Stagnant
6. Misconducter
7. Rise and Fall
8. Sick of Hearing Shit
9. Braindead
10. Playing with Fire
11. Deceived
12. Ultimate Pain
13. Endless Maze
14. Awakening


Den – Vocals, guitar, bass
Cai – Drums

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