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August 2016
Released: 2016, MS Metal
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Last year’s BOUNDLESS release was a turning stone for Misconducters. Mainstay vocalist/guitarist Den rounded out his lineup with a rhythm section that upped the ante on musical prowess, allowing the songwriting to embrace some sonic inclinations outside of their typical punk n’ roll brand of crossover metal and delivering some kick ass tunes in the process. Never a band to let the momentum get away from them, their soon to be released CIRCADIAN picks up the musical torch and takes the band into further uncharted territory.

The guts of the Misconducters sound is still readily prevalent across CIRCADIAN, but it’s a meaner, more pissed off, kind of record. Tracks like “Invasion”, “Wasting Away” and “New Line” come across with a healthy dose of snotty skate thrash a la early JOIN THE ARMY-era Suicidal or classic MARTHA SPLATTERHEAD from The Accused, full of fat, choppy riffs, some manic percussive work and rolling bass lines. “Reset” recasts the upbeat blitz of the title track of their 2012 EP in a more dark and sinister shadow, while beasts like “Bad Slave” and the title track delve into some doomier Sabbath-esque moments. CIRCADIAN is certainly the most diverse record from the band, but it also comes across as the most self-assured. As good as the songs may be, the mix does them a bit of a disservice. Maybe it’s the compression on the promo files, or maybe my ears are finally shot, but the whole thing sounds a bit dry. Which sucks - because you can hear that there’s a ton of color and flavor in these songs that aren’t nearly as vibrant as they should be.

As a longtime fan of the band, I’m genuinely surprised and encouraged with where CIRCADIAN has taken Misconducters. It’s still a spitefully genre agnostic kind of heavy, but the classic thrash nods are tough to miss. Flip your bill up, grab your deck, press play and enjoy.
Track Listing

1. Invasion
2. Reset
3. Wasting Away
4. Misconducter
5. Circadian
6. New Line
7. Power Driven
8. Bad Slave


Den – Guitars, Vocals
Brisa - Bass
Vitão – Drums

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