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September 2003
Released: 2003, Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Into an old-school Death Metal ála Centinex and Morgoth and especially Demigod? In that case read on as you may feel an urgent need to check out German promising deathsters Misanthropic´s first full-length album titled “Soulreaver” on Spanish Xtreem Music ´coz this 5-piece band pays a lot of homage to the old-school Death Metal sound, reminding me of all the 3 aforementioned Death Metal acts by tiny slices from here and there.

As for some background info for Misanthropic, the band was actually started out as a project band in 1999 by Matze, Thorsten, Erik and Oliver S. under the Vortex-moniker. After a few line-up changes the band´s line-up was established by the current line-up (see the additional info!), and with the current band name. With only one demo behind them that was recorded in 2002, the band signed a deal with Xtreem Music in January 2003, then recorded SOULREAVER during April and the album was released three months later in July 2003.Now that´s a smooth and fast co-operation between the band and label, isn´t it?

SOULREAVER contains 9 songs (with an intro + outro) of brutal, aggressive, quite technical Death Metal that harks back to the early ´90s when Death Metal was really blooming strongly all around the world and labels like Roadrunner, Nuclear Blast, Earache and the likes took the whole advantage of it. Most of the time Misanthropic indeed manages to sound like Finland´s own legendary deathsters Demigod on the band´s SLUMBER OF SULLEN EYES-era, having those heavy and eerie-like guitar parts dominating most of their song structures which is really cool in my opinion. Songs like “Restless Life”, “Fly”, ”The Lie” and “Into the Light” pay an amazingly strong tribute to Demigod´s Death Metal-era, mixing quite cleverly the same dynamic melody sections with bone-crushingly heavy Death Metal parts akin to SLUMBER OF SULLEN EYES. It´s also kind of cool to notice how influential and inspirational band Demigod has been to younger generation of Death Metal bands. The guys of Misanthropic have at least acknowledged some of Demigod´s past influence in their own sound and that´s not a bad thing by any means. If they just tightened their sound a little bit on their next release, we would have one hell of a stunning Death Metal band here. Both a dawning potentiality and talent is already there, so I think changes for them to make even a larger impact on metal-orientated people in the future, will be absolutely good.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Restless Life
03. Fly
04. Admission Free
05. The Play
06. Zwischenspiel
07. The Lie
08. Into the Night
09. Living You
10. Nervous Breakdown
11. Outro


Steffen – Vocals
Thorsten – Guitars
Patrick – Guitars
Erik – Bass
Matze – Drums

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