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September 2012
Released: 2012, Bakerteam Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Italian Power Metal continues to reign supreme with dozens and dozens of quality releases coming out every year. New 2012 albums by established veterans like Elvenking, Rhapsody, Skylark, Thy Majestie, Vision Divine and White Skull are making waves. However, we at are dedicated to bringing our loyal readers information on the latest bands so, accordingly are going to do a quick review round-up of five albums by the following newer Italian bands: Another Destiny Project, Holy Knights, Mirrormaze, Sound Storm, Wind Rose. Please feel free to check out all the bands in this feature.

Another young, hungry and ambitious band comes to us from the Borgomanero in Northern Italy. Mirrormaze has been around for a few years and have just issued theier full-length debut WALKABOUT. This quartet is anchored by Fabio D’Amore, better known as the bassist of Pathosray, Serenity and of course Fairyland. This time he turns his hand to singing and he has a classic Metal singing tone and style. He also has some help from Ray Alder as well which is a pretty nice guest to have on your debut album.

WALKABOUT’S nine songs run about an hour and their progressive tendencies shine through with longer compositions many of the songs run 7,8 or even 9 minutes. In fact, of all the bands in this mini feature Mirrormaze has the greatest prog element. The songs are well-written and arranged with lots of good twists and turns but with nice flow, not just stop-start time-changes. The pace of the album is predominantly mid-paced giving it a slightly mellower vibe. I almost wish there were a couple more fast songs on here. There is some nice use of acoustic guitar spread across the album and I really like the busy stick style of drummer Fabio Nasuelli. As with many prog albums there are keyboards but in reality they are not featured as heavily, nor even as a lead instrument but more as texture and shade for the songs. There are a number of longer introductory pieces that lead in the song such as ‘Missing’ with cello and piano and an emotive vocal performance from D’Amore. The guitar tone doesn’t have a hige amount of crunch nor are there many over-the-top solos but the songs don’t really call for that. The album ends on a strong note with the punchy song, ‘Broken Soul’. This is certainly a head-phone worthy album.

WALKABOUT is a very satisfying chunk of prog-Power that will likely appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Fates Warning and mid-era Queensryche.
Track Listing

1. Prisoner
2. Earn Your Answers
3. Vicious Circle
4. Lost in a Belief
5. Joke
6. Deeper Signs
7. Walkabout
8. Missing
9. Broken Soul


Fabio D'Amore Vocals, Bass
Davide Penna Guitar
Samuele Lanfranchini Keyboards
Juan Manuel Savoini Bass
Fabio Nasuelli Drums

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