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God May Show You Mercy... We Will Not
May 2009
Released: 2009, I Hate Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

One of the most impressive demos that I got to hear during my late teenager years in the underground tape trading scene back in the early 80´s, was the German thrashers Minotaur´s first demo, THE OATH OF BLOOD, that they recorded in 1986. It was hostile, brutal, fast and ear-slapping German thrash that also soon got my instant approval as one of the coolest and most interesting thrash gems from the German metal scene back in those days. Minotaur kept on recording a couple of more demos before it was the time for their full-length album, POWER OF DARKNESS, that even nowadays still holds some true classic yet uncompromising German thrash in it, after 21 years of its release.

Minotaur´s second album, GOD MAY SHOW YOU MERCY... WE WILL NOT, is a brutal, rough and unrelenting thrash album from this German trio, dominated by fierce riffs - and yet still keeping the band members´ feet deeply stuck to that familiar ground where they started from back in the early 80s. Minotaur haven´t (gladly) modernized their thrash approach a bit (like some of you may fear), but stayed loyal to their hard-punching, vicious thrash that we have always known them for. The production on it is a step further from their ´power of darkness´ days - tough, more modern sounding, but that still doesn´t mean it could be somehow over-produced or anything like that.

However, this also ain´t POWER OF DARKNESS REVISITED, I mean in terms of sharing the same, unbeatable and relentless value of the band´s now classic debut album. It still sounds like a decent effort from them, but does not hold much of that similar all-crushing power (of darkness) the same way as their debut did. In fact, GOD MAY SHOW... could be said to sound a bit like a reduced version of Kreator´s TERRIBLE or EXTREME albums. I think I cannot put it in any better way than this. It´s still good thoroughly - and it´s as old school German thrash as it can possibly get, although in the same breath I could say the album would have been even better without that rather lousy version from W.A.S.P.´s "Animal..." song, as classic song as it is.

Oh well, I bet all old school thrash fans out there should like this pretty much at least. But if you are looking for a more modern and technical type of approach in your daily dose of thrash, you cannot find it from here. Minotaur do the copy-paste thing on GOD MAY SHOW..., their heads held high in the name of old school thrash metal that placed them on the global map right from the first baby steps of the band.
Track Listing

01. Armegiddo
02. Rather Die
03. Full Speed Ahead
04. Princess of Hell
05. Cannonballfire
06. Soulless
07. Damager
08. It's War
09. Into Oblivion
10. Tales of Terror
11. Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)*

* (W.A.S.P. cover)


Andreas Richwien - Vocals and guitar
Alf Diehl - Bass
Jörg Bock - Drums

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