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April 2012
Released: 2012, 13th Planet Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Al Jourgensen returns after a 4 year hiatus with what is possibly his best and most vocal album to date. For RELAPSE Jourgensen touches on his struggle and survival with the music industry along with recent political events and the future of civilization.

RELAPSE is an easy album to get into. It grabs you on first listen and isn’t as Industrial sounding as some of their previous releases. It is still 100% Ministry and you will recognize it as soon as it starts. It has much of that “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” vibe too it, just more intense and highly political. All of the 9 original songs have a message, whether it be about the ‘Occupy’ movement in the song “99 Percenters” or about the end of civilization in 2012 in the title track. Either way, Uncle Al has a message and he’s not holding back. Even the cover of the old S.O.D. song “United Forces” has a meaning that still rings true today.

After a trilogy of ‘Bush Bashing’ releases and a brief hiatus Ministry is back in full force. This is an album you’ll want to check out as it is the most relevant album for the times we live in. This isn’t your lame ass Bono messages, this is the real shit!.
Track Listing

1. Ghouldiggers
2. Double Tap
3. FreeFall
4. Kleptocracy
5. United Forces
6. 99 Percenters
7. Relapse
8. Weekend Warrior
9. Git Up Get Out 'N Vote
10. Bloodlust





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