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May 2006
Released: 2005, Sanctuary Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Ah, Ministry. After a long and productive 25 years in business as one of the loudest, angriest, most political, intelligent industrial metal bands around, Ministry main man Al Jourgensen has seen fit to bestow upon his fans a career retrospective of sorts; a personally selected best of, with updates. RANTOLOGY is simply 15 songs that Jourgensen feels best represents Ministry, and as a bonus to fans, he’s remixed eight of them, and thrown in a brand new song to boot (“The Great Satan”).

By now, I don’t need to go in depth to what Ministry’s music sounds like. Suffice it to say the band began as a new wavey pop outfit before transforming into an industrial juggernaut with 1998’s THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY. The six studio albums since then have seen Jourgensen and co. mind fucking just about anyone who dares listen to their music. Which leads me to a suspect point of this album – if it is truly a career retrospective, I find it hard to reconcile the fact that a quarter of the album is taken up by tracks from the band’s most recent album. Coincidence?

Many of the fan favorites are here, including “N.W.O.”, “Jesus Built My Hotrod”, and “Stigmata”, but where are the “Just One Fixes” of the catalogue? Anyway, I’ve bitched about the tracklist enough. Suffice it to say, hardcore Ministry fans are likely to be disappointed. As for the remixes or “updates”, I’m sad to say they don’t add up to much. Yes, these are spectacular songs, but the remixes don’t really enhance them in any way. Yes, the retooled operatic opening to “No W” is awesome, setting an epic tone for the album, but for the most part, the songs don’t hit any harder for all the changes.

As for the new song, “The Great Satan” kicks ass! If this is where Jourgensen is headed on the next album, I’m so there. Fast, heavy, angry as hell, the song is a shitstorm pressed to plastic. Excellent stuff that’s worth the price of admission alone.

I guess I just don’t see the use of this disc. New fans are better served buying PSALM 69 or ANIMOSITY, while true fans don’t really have much to chew on. It IS Ministry, which means the music is outstanding, but it’s available in better formats elsewhere.
Track Listing

1) No W (redux)
2) The Great Satan
3) Wrong (update mix)
4) N.W.O. (update mix)
5) Stigmata (update mix)
6) Waiting
7) Warp City (alternate mix)
8) Jesus Built My Hotrod (alternate mix)
9) Bad Blood (alternate mix)
10) Animosity
11) Unsung (alternate mix)
12) Bloodlines
13) Psalm 69 (live)
14) Thieves (live)
15) The Fall (live)



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