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Mind's Eye
A Work of Art
June 2006
Released: 2005, Lion Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

It’s not often that I thoroughly enjoy something from the rock end of prog, but Mind’s Eye has sucked me in. A Work of Art was originally released in 2001, and is now seeing the light of day after their original record label went bankrupt. Above all, the vocals are amazing, the beauty of his velvet tone making every sing into an elegant…work of art! The two instrumentalists of the three-piece play multiple instruments each, so that all the bases of guitar, bass, keys and drums are covered for a solid foundation.

They start the album off with some light prog metal in "Courage Within," the off-beat guitar licks and shred moments quite similar to that of John Petrucci (Dream Theater). "A Moment of Honor" is a great combination of metal and the grace found in classic prog rock bands that have influenced them. It’s after this that they really slow it down, and normally I would be immediately turned off, but as light as the song "Roll the Dice" is, it is my favorite on the album. Acoustic guitar, piano, and the vocals that I have fallen in love with collectively create one of the most beautiful songs of all time. The sound samples that appear throughout the album as well as the few songs with female vocals give this concept album an OPERATION MINDCRIME feel. They pay homage to the Queensryche influence with a bonus cover song of "I Will Remember."

They flow between the heavy and rock end of the spectrum quite nicely through 75 minutes of music. I so very rarely lost interest; I admit there were moments that I craved some serious heaviness, but that’s the metal blood in me talking. Mind’s Eye has a brand new album out as well called WALKING ON H2O, and after enjoying this album so much, I will waste no time in getting my hands on that.
Track Listing

1. Prologue - Lullaby
2. Courage Within
3. A Moment of Homor
4. Roll the Dice
5. Room With a View
6. Shallow Water
7. My Kindred Soul
8. The Shape of Salvation
9. These Open Eyes
10. An Eye of an Eye
11. Hands of Time
12. Your World
13. Epilogue - Domino
14. I Will Remember
15. End of the Line


Andreas Novak - vocals
Johan Niemann - bass and guitars
Daniel Flores - drums and keys

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