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Mind Over Body
December 2007
Released: 2007, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Hailing from Brazil, the haunting collective known as Mindflow have returned after a two year absence with their second album. To somewhat ruin the following review, it is another progressive metal fan`s dream. I say this because it is totally unacceptable that this band is unsigned to a major metal label. Mindflow can easily compete with any band, in terms of musicianship, production, and songs. Sometimes labels irritate me to no end.

With that little beef out of the way, let`s examine MIND OVER BODY, shall we? As I said, it`s the second time around for Mindflow, and they`ve gone bigger than before on just about everything here! The album is longer, the packaging is bigger, the songs are more complicated – as I said, a progressive fan`s dream! A word on the packaging – I actually received this album at about the same time as the new Impious album, and by sheer coincidence, both have graphic-novel type booklets that attempt to illustrate the story of the album (they are concept albums, see?). It`s a cool little touch, and I`d like to see more bands do this.

Anyway, Mindflow`s debut album, JUST THE TWO OF US...ME AND THEM, was a great prog-metal album, if somewhat too influenced by Dream Theater. Thankfully, MIND OVER BODY has more of an individual stamp on it, with overt influences being pushed to the background (but still audible). For someone who knows the band, it`s now possible to say, ``that`s a Mindflow song``, where before you may have thought it was an outtake from IMAGES AND WORDS.

Although the music is good, it`s not quite as enjoyable as their previous album. Mindflow seem to have gone for complexity over accessibility. I`ll admit it: these labyrinthine songs are difficult to get through and require many, many listens to get a handle on. Hell, I`ve been listening to this album since August and only feel comfortable enough to review it now. I`m all for challenging prog-metal, all I ask is that the band throw me some hooks to latch onto every now and then! For this reason, I find that their debut album was a little more enjoyable. Note: the above paragraph does not apply to ballads `Thousand Miles From You` and `Gift To You`.

In any case, Mindflow have released their second high-quality prog-metal album, and still I see barely any press for them, and certainly no label support. Unacceptable. I strongly urge progressive metal fans to search out this band.
Track Listing

1) Crossing Enemy`s Line
2) Upload-Spirit
3) Thousand Miles From You
4) Just Water, You Navigate
5) Chair Designer
6) A Gift To You
7) Hellbitat
8) Follow Your Instinct
9) Hide and Seek


Danilo Herbert: Vocals
Rodrigo Hidalgo: Guitars
Ricardo Winandy: Bass
Miguel Spada: Keyboards
Rafael Pensado: Drums

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