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You First
June 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: Rick

This is a band that I have recently discovered while taking in the Metal Meltdown III festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey. At Metal Meltdown III there were bands of every description. Power metal, death metal, black metal, classic metal, gothic metal and groove metal. Well Mimic falls into the groove metal category. Oh and I forgot to mention. This group is made up of all females. Yeah, you heard me, 4 females. I only happened to catch the last song of their set so I didn’t get much of an impression but I did manage to get a copy of the CD to review. Its called YOU FIRST and was released in early 2001. The band have managed to pull down some interesting opening gigs for the likes of Corrosion of Conformity, Slaughter and Hatebreed. The lineup consists of Tina Neal: vocals, Dana Gautier: drums, Carla Chacon: guitar and Michelle Vincler: bass.

As with any other female band there will be a tendency to compare the girls to other all girl bands and I have indeed heard them compared to Drain STH and Kittie. The Drain comparison fits to a certain extent but Kittie. No way. Kittie is mallcore noise and Mimic, while straddling that sound on occasion never comes near the junk spewed by Kittie. The vocals of Tina Neal differentiate Mimic in that she is a real singer using her voice as it was meant to be instead of barking unintelligible vocals like so many of the fake angst mallcore trend followers. On "Drown" Neal uses her voice to great effect going from a whisper to a powerful delivery in the space of a few seconds. "For Once" kicks up the aggression factor while "Caged", possibly the best song on the album, closes out the CD.

Groove metal is not my favourite genre of metal but I admit to finding this Mimic CD catchy. The songs are short and just stick in your head. I would have given the CD a higher mark but I found the band straying towards the mallcore sound on occasion. Its nothing too serious but enough to drop it down a few notches. One thing is for sure, these ladies are capable of writing some kick ass tunes. I look forward to hearing what they will do in the future.
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