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March 2009
Released: 2008, Forged in Fire (Rockadrome)
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

From Austin, Texas comes Militia that has, to say the least, become quite a collector´s target, especially since the band got their much sought-after 3-song 12" EP, titled THE SYBLING, released on Scythe Records in 1985, limited to 100 only. In November 2007 someone paid $3000 in an eBay auction for a copy, so talk about some sort of a ´holy grail of heavy metal´ here, huh!

For poor bastards like myself, it´s great that this type of true gems are getting re-released these days, and becoming available for the first time in years since they were originally released. Rockadome took the time and collected everything Militia had recorded ´til they dissolved in 1986 (until were reformed in January 2008 again. Here I come Keep It True XII - hell yeah...!!).

RELEASED contains Militia´s 2 demos, the extremely rare 12" EP, one unreleased rehearsal song from 1984 and even two unreleased live songs - recorded live at Ritz Theater in 1986, and when all this is professionally covered with a fancy looking 24-page color booklet with band history, lots of rare and old band photos and liner notes, it makes the whole package definitely worth buying. As for the music on this disc goes, oh man... This band reeks of pure high octane speed/heavy metal (make it with capital letters preferably), and they sound fuckin´ awesome. To me, they sound a bit like Spectre (pre-Agent Steel, led by John Camps aka John Cyriis) and early Helstar (you hear some James Rivera in Mike´s voice? Well, I do), playing their shit pretty fast with some really nice and catchy hooks and stuff in it, spiced by Mike´s (Soliz) screaming, high-pitched vocals that don´t leave anyone cold, that´s for sure.

I have to say that I really enjoyed every single song on this whole disc equally, without caring how low budget, poorly produced or muddy those songs may have sounded like. The times were so different back then, so you really cannot expect a crystal clear production (or can you? No, I don´t think so) from one of those more obscure and unknown US bands back then that somehow strangely seemed to be private property of the true underground metal community only. Militia surely was such a bunch that was basically well known in their home town Austin and not that much anywhere else, some 20 years ago (huh, time really flies...).

There´s not much else I could say about this collection of rare Militia stuff, except that if you don´t get these long lost gems for yourself in this easily available package, then please consider yourself a plain fool only. You cannot be my friend either if you miss this golden chance. Simply superb stuff from Militia here. Thanks Rockadome - thanks Militia! You both made my day. ;o)
Track Listing

01. Metal Axe
02. Search for Steel
03. Regiments of Death
04. Objective: Termination
05. Salem Square
06. The Sybling
07. Talking to the Stone
08. No Submission
09. Thrash to Destroy
10. Onslaught
11. Objective: Termination (live)
12. Regiments of Death (live)


Militia lineup when they recorded the NO SUBMISSION demo in 1986:

Mike Soliz - Vocals
Philip Patterson - Guitar
Robert Willingham - Bass
Phil Achee - Drums

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