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Mike Milan Dedic
Mike Milan Dedic
March 2016
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Some guys just play guitar for the love of playing and Mike seems to be one of those guys. Dedic has been kicking around Toronto for years and has just released a new EP. To the best of my knowledge this is first official release since his second album FINGERFOOD back in 1995. It is hard to set the world on fire with one album every 20 years!

This is pretty low-key and if I hadn’t heard from Mike himself I probably would have missed this. The five song EP runs for about 20 minutes and is comprised of five instrumentals. The cover art is a bit dull, and so are the song-titles. What ever happened to the time-honoured tradition of guitarists coming up with bizarre names for their instrumentals? Professor Satchafunkilus is not pleased! Overall, there could be a bit more work and presentation and packaging.

I’m not a guitarist so sometimes I struggle to find the right technical term to describe instrumental music, but I know what I like and I really enjoy Dedic’s work. I like the tone of his production, it could be a bit more crisp but overall it sounds very professional. The programmed drums could be a bit more inventive but that is not the point on albums like these. Mike does not just shred for the duration of the EP, he composes some good songs, many of these could easily be adapted for some lyrics. He is not afraid to play fast and clean when needed there are some really nice solos on here, my favourite being on the third cut ‘Run’. His tone is warm and natural, virtually no effects at all.

Many people who don’t like instrumental guitar music often level the unwarranted criticism that these guys like Dedic just show off and it is an unwelcome exercise in self-indulgence and other less flattering terms. Dedic easily avoids that accusation with good songs, good compositions and excellent playing to top it off. This self-titled EP is pretty underground but certainly worth checking out for worshippers of the guitar.
Track Listing

1. Energy
2. Zoom
3. Run
4. Launch
5. Shall We Dance?


Mike Milan Dedic-Guitar



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