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Sweet Death And Ecstacy
December 2017
Released: 2017, Hell's Headbangers
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Midnight has unleashed their latest hymns of hell and debauchery in the form of SWEET DEATH and ECSTASY. This being the 3rd full length in a long career of delivering the mayhem in the form blackened speed metal in the vein of Venom and Motorhead.

I was unable to find much history on Midnight. In this age of information on the Internet, it is amazing that bands and some labels do such a shit job of putting a little info out there for us to read up on. With that being said, it may or may not be important whether I have much info to forward on to you. The diehard fans already know about the band. In the cult status of the band, that is enough.

For the rest of us, when I come across an act such as Midnight, I’d like to know a bit more about them. Or him. Or them? Like I said, not much info. So Midnight is from the U.S.A. It seems that the band consists of one man, Athenar. Yet after poking around the web a bit, there are numerous videos on YouTube from over the years that have live shows from all over the world and shows Midnight as a 3-piece act. Could just be for touring purposes. Not sure.

What I am sure of is that this new album which consists of eight blistering new tracks is not only reminiscent of the glory days of Venon and Motorhead, but a bit refreshing in its own way. After a bit of a dull opener with ‘Crushed By Demons’, a track that sort of just chugs along, it really paves the way for the more up-tempoed metal tracks to follow.

I cannot stress enough how much this sounds like old-school Venom. Even the vocals. I had to check the player the first time in shuffle mode thinking I was actually listening to an unfamiliar Venom track. With lyrical themes consisting of the usual hell, Satan, sex and the likes of…this is going to be a favorite for Midnight fans and those into Venom, Motorhead, and those in similarity. Which are only a few, but enough. Check this out! Good shit!
Track Listing

1. Crushed by Demons
2. Penetratal Ecstasy
3. Here Comes Sweet Death
4. Melting Brain
5. Rabid!
6. Bitch Mongrel
7. Poison Trash
8. Before My Time in Hell


Athenar - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums



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