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September 2005
Released: 2005, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Enigmatic front-man, known only as “Midnight” has crawled out from whatever Floridian rock he’s been hiding under to release his new solo album SAKADA.

Upon first listen, I was completely baffled. Sure, this was expected to be different from his previous band, Crimson Glory...but did it have to be this weird? Did it have to be so un-metal? This has more in common with children’s music than anything remotely in the prog/power sphere. After one listen I thought perhaps I wasn’t in the right frame of mind so I waited a day and popped it on again...same reaction. This is not worth my time, nor yours if you are looking for Midnight to carry on the Crimson Glory flame that burned so briefly yet brightly in the very late 80's. Even if you’re looking for Midnight to at least sing some porog-rock or hard rock, this is not the band. I had to listen to Crimson’s Glory’s TRANSCENDENCE just to wash out my ears from such silly ditty’s with lyrics like “She had a pussy cat, that peed when you pet him. But she loved him anyway”. What in the hell is up with that? The sound of the album is very un-metal as well. The guitar is buried and when it does make an appearance the actual sound is utter dirt. Man, this is just sad.

Rather than berate this sorry excuse for an album any further, I’ll end on a slightly more positive least Midnight is still creating something and still singing. So if this is what he’s happy doing, more power to him. I’ll always respect his work with Crimson Glory and remain a fan of that material. the delete bins with SAKEDA!
Track Listing

1. Incubus
2. Berber Trails
3. Cat Song
4. Little Mary Sunshine
5. Miss Katie
6. War
7. Lost Boy
8. Pain
9. Sakada


Midnight - vocals
Scott Gibson - guitar / bass
Phil Anderson - drums
Ben Jackson (guest) - bass



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