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Michael Vescera
A Sign of Things To Come
November 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Heaven/Border Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Michael Vescera is a singer/songwriter who was a part of the band Obsession at the early age of 18. After that he was the front man of the Japanese act Loudness. But Vescera is maybe mostly known for his time with Yngwie Malmsteen. After being in Malmsteen’s band for four years Vescera felt that it was time to move on and kicked off his solo career. The name of his solo project was Michael Vescera Project, MVP, with which he has released three albums. Now it is time to release a brand new and fist solo album under his own name.

A bunch of well known musicians are helping Vescera out on this album. Names like Bell and Zampa from House of Lords, Jeff Scott Soto, Mats Olausson from Yngwie Malmsteen and Mc Carvill from Obsession amongst others. Two young bright shining stars are also featured on the album in the form of 17 year old Joey Concepciond and Taiwanese shredder Ango Tesso.

Vescera sounds as good as always and his voice feels fresh and fun to listen to. He has a really wide vocal range that he knows how to use. His voice fits perfectly the music he plays. The music is well executed melodic power metal influenced by neo-classical metal. When I listen to the album there are parallels with Malmsteen that pop up here and there with the only difference that Vescera’s voice is the focus and not the guitar play. Another musical similarity is the very catchy chorus they both have in their songs. Vescera’s chorus sticks to your brain right away and it’s really hard to shake them off.

Even though the songs are catchy and easy to remember I think they are boring. It feels like Vescera has put them together five minutes before recording and it gives the album a sloppy, boring and tired feeling. It is uninspiring to listen to the songs to be honest. Many of the songs are the same tempo and nothing much really happens. Not even Vescera’s brilliant voice can save the songs sometimes. The album has two paces, either very fast or very slow, there is no in between. A few of the songs are however quite good, those songs are “Between Heaven And Hell”, “Hands Of Fate”, “I’ve Seen The Light” and “Thrill Of It All”. Those are the heavier and faster songs with a lot of energy and Vescera’s sings amazingly well.

The rest of the album feels like standard work however, the production is worth mentioning because Vescera has done a great production where he has put his vocals in focus. A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME does not convince at all. It is sad because the album sure has the potential. If Vescera could have managed to put out a little more varied and stronger material it could have been so much better.
Track Listing

Between Heaven And Hell
Sign OF Things To Come
Shine On
Something To Believe
Crossing The Line
Hands Of Fate
I’ve Seen The Light
Make You Move
(When you’re) Crying
Say The Word
Thrill Of It All


Michael Vescera – lead vocals
Jim Bell – guitar
BJ Zampa – drums
Chris McCarvill – bass
Mats Olausson – keyboards, piano
Scott Boland – guitar
John Bruno – guitar
Jay Mezias – drums

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