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Pius Horror
October 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Pretty interesting new outfit from Poland here... Miazma. The band was formed just 2 years ago, and after a couple of line-up changes, they became a 2-piece band. Both Kriss and Waldy take care of every instrument - from programmed drums to synths - and the result is somewhat ´interesting´ to say at least. The music is mostly progressive death metal, with bits from technical thrash metal here and there in their sound, too. Keeping in mind, Miazma is only a band in which two guys play every single instrument, the more I actually value the outcome of this release, because you are able to hear from everything that some amount of time has been used to make the songs pierce through your skull as effectively as the nails did through the wrists of Jesus Christ.

PIUS HORROR is the kind of release that demands more than just those mandatory 2-3 spinnings from a listener, in order to open up better and get absorbed into one´s brain, so that it could fully be enjoyed for what it actually offers. The most enjoyable parts come in a form of sharp and technical guitar riffs and rhythms that are the carrying force of PIUS HORROR. Waldy proves to be quite a wizard with his efforts to get the best out from his 6-string, and he indeed does an amazing job with all the riff mastery and stuff. Songs like "Sansara" and "Ecce Homo" are true proofs about his skills as one hell of a guitarist that can shred like a pack of vicious and incited bloodhounds after your poor flesh. Kriss whose responsibility is the vocals in the band, snarls and growls his bellows out an admirable way. In fact, his vocal lines are somewhere between John McEntee of Incantation and Antti Boman of Demilich, so we are talking about some pretty darn deep growling work in the vocal department indeed. He sounds very good and his vocals fit into the songs in a nice way. The drums have also been programmed professionally into the music although I gotta admit that with a real drummer they would have definitely hit the nails even deeper into my skull. Also the keyboard´s effect has (luckily) been left to a minimum role, which does justice to the band´s overall approach to sound as a progressive death metal act in the extreme metal genre. The album´s closer tune, "Epiphania", is a very good example from Miazma´s smart use of the keyboards, without giving too much power to them, but merely letting them to create the kind of correct or fitting feeling behind the song.

As a 2-man band, this is a somewhat successful attempt to make your band heard and known to the masses. With a real drummer on the ´wish list´, Miazma would obviously make a better impact on people with their progressive death metal, I´m already sure of that.
Track Listing

01. Encefalopatia
02. Stany Ducha
03. Intro
04. Sansara
05. Pius Horror
06. Kreatura
07. Ecce Homo
08. Epiphania


Kriss - Vocals, keyboard, drums & drum programming
Waldy - Lead & rhythm guitars, bass, synth. and drum programming

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