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The Transformation Realized
January 2001
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Miaros are a new band out of Lafayette Ind. USA. The Transformation Realized is a 5 track Cd that clocks in at over 43 minutes. I don’t know what else to say about this band. I received their CD in the mail but I have no promotional information to go along with it. I have also went to the bands website, and damned if I could find a scrap of information about the band besides the members names. (There are lots of pics and even a video so you might want to check that out) Well I will just have to work with the limited amount of information that I have. The band consists of Joe Shireman: guitars, vocals, bass, synth., Zach Nagy: guitars, vocals, keys and Kevin Baum on the drumstool.. The CD was recorded at Hiereus Studios and was produced by James Winans and Miaros.

The Cd opens with the track "Chasing the Beautiful Green Beast". This song can almost be considered a thrash tune with lots of shredding and some wild drumming by BAUM. "Evil Genie" is more in the classic metal vein with again some great drumming by Burns and some guitar gymnastics. There is a great acoustic passage about 4:30 into the song that leads into some serious shredding and guitar harmonies. "My Final Hour" is an eerie tale with its whispered vocals and end s with latin spoken word over the top of church organ. Interesting to say the least. The CD closes with 2 tracks that clock in at over 11 minutes each. First up is "The Metamorphosis" followed by the CD closer "A Better Way To Die". At 12:13 this is the longest song on the disc and contains lots of thrashing as well as double bass pummelling.

Miaros is obviously a collective of very talented musicians. The big problem I have is that they tend to try to fit as many riffs into a song as possible. The vocals are also rather weak. They rarely get above a whisper. If there was a talented vocalist doing the singing on this CD it would be much better. With the talent that the band obviously posseses, a decent vocalist and a better production of their next release would help them go a long way. In case you're wondering, MIAROS is ancient Greek for bloodstained.
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