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Magic Circle
Journey Blind
December 2015
Released: 2015, 20buck spin
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having built up a solid fan base in both the metal and alternative scene and touring with the likes of Satan, Massachusetts metal collective Magic Circle are back with their new album Journey Blind, that further revives the sound of Black Sabbath and Dio. The seven track journey was released on Washington label 20 Buck Spin.

Magic Circle dish out a healthy sounding hybrid of traditional metal with infectious melodies. As the flute intro of ‘Journey of the Blind’ plays out, the charging guitars and impressive vocals that strike with unmistakable precision, making it a great opener!

Meanwhile, ‘A Ballad For Vultures’ unravels with a gloomier vibe as the sludgy riffs and cathartic solos add an extra layer of weight to the album‘s core. The vocals glide along with a strong sense of urgency as the head banging anthem keeps its momentum.

‘Lightning Cage’ is a prime example of the band leaping further into the realms of professionalism. Full of eccentric riffs and consistent drum work, the impressive solos to inject an extra surge of adrenaline.

Closing off with the gritty guitar passages of ‘Antediluvian’ the vocalist weaves a strong narrative, with well written lyrics and a consistent transition between energy and authenticity. Meanwhile, the solid guitars and galloping drums propel the band further into a triumphant closure.

Magic Circle is a band whose passion for metal remains at the forefront of what they do. More importantly they put aside the gimmicks and deliver a lethal artillery of anthems that can each hold their own in the realms of modern music. Perfect stuff for anyone who likes a no-nonsense approach to metal!

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Journey Blind
2. The Damned  Man
3. A Ballad For The Vultures
4. Lightning Cage
5. Ghosts Of The Southern Front
6. Grand Deceivers
7. Antediluvian


Justin De Tore: Bass
Q: Drums
Chris Corry: Guitar
Dan Duca: Guitar
Brenden Radigan: Vocals

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