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October 2001
Released: 2001, Noise / Sanctuary Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Mezarkabul is a name many will not know. However, many will know this band by their other name…Pentagram. Under this name the band has existed since 1987 and have released four albums. As Pentagram, you may recognize the band from their 1992 album TRAIL BLAZER (Nuclear Blast) and the 1997 album ANATOLIA (Century Media). The band hails from Istanbul, Turkey where they reportedly have faced some opposition from an anal Turkish media. Despite this, inside their home country the band is a huge success. This new album, UNSPOKEN, had 60,000 units sold very shortly after its September 2001 release! In Turkey they still go by the name Pentagram. For some reason, they only go by this new name, Mezarkabul, in the rest of the world!

Mezarkabul are a modern heavy metal band with progressive metal inklings whose main point of distinction is their addition of mid-eastern / Asian melodies. These melodies are still played on the traditional metal instruments – guitars, bass and drums. They use keyboards but not to overpower. The metal sounds of this band reminded me of a cross between Metallica’s Black album, 90’s Savatage, Paradise Lost’s DRACONIAN TIMES and a touch of Queensryche all mixed into a blend which is made unique with the inclusion of melodies of Turkey. Some of their influences shine through on “Lions In A Cage” which has a Metallica-ish in a “Sad But True” kind of groove. The intro / main riff reminds me of The Tea Party’s more eastern tinged stuff. (The Tea Party are actually one of the rock bands I actually like…shocked that I like a band that ain’t metal? Muuhhaha). “Pain” has vocals in places that remind me of Zachary Stevens (ex-Savatage). “For The One Unchanging” has a heavier feel with a hint of some thrash metal. The riffs and solos in this one also use a lot of the harmonic minor styled playing. Reference points include Metallica’s “Wherever I May Roam” or Mercyful Fate’s “Egypt” for the types of melodies employed.

If you like rich melodies that remain heavy and dark, Mezarkabul delivers on all fronts. Their distinctive sound is the thing that keeps this fresh and interesting. For more information, drop by the official website
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