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Grounded: Chapter Eight
November 2009
Released: 2009, Massacre Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

With a silly opening verse, screaming 'fuck you' to those who don't like Heavy Metal, Metalium prove once again that they are on the cutting edge of goofiness. Their first album, Chapter One obviously, MILLENNIUM METAL, though a lyrical mess, managed to somehow stay away from the cliches and even included an awesome metalized cover of 'Smoke on The Water. Nowadays, the ubiquitous lyrics and song structure sit squarely in your face, ready to punch you in the nose.

Silly lyrics aside, Metalium maneuver through Heavy Metal's commonplace themes and locution wielding a book called 'Heavy Metal For Dummies: How to imitate the greatest bands.' Chock full of Power Metal stereotypes and songs that sound directly lifted off other bands, including a ballad 'Borrowed Time' with a chorus directly from the classic Rock band Boston. Still, Henning's overactive vocals manage to remain the impeccable high octave weapon it's always been, even if the music goes the route of typical German Power Metal fare.

It may be unfair to judge these guys against the dying tide of Euro Metal, simply because there's obviously some talent, given the awesome vocals and, at times, mighty guitar solos. However Metalium's utter refusal to break free of their genre's chains with a continued rehashing of awful lyrical themes and stylistic overtures, it's hard to ignore that GROUNDED: CHAPTER EIGHT fails when compared to their peers such as Axxis, Gamma Ray, and Edguy, or American Power Metal like Helstar, Jag Panzer, or even Kamelot.
Track Listing

1. Heavy Metal (3:34)
2. Light Of Day (4:08)
3. Pay For Fee (4:22)
4. Pharos Slavery (6:16)
5. Crossroad Overload (4:58)
6. Falling Into Darkness (4:51)
7. Alone (4:02)
8. Borrowed Time (9:32)
9. Once Loyal (3:47)
10. Lonely (5:49)


Tolo Grimalt - Guitar
Henning Basse - Vocals, keyboards
Matthias Lange - Guitar
Lars Ratz - Bass
Michael Ehré - Drums


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