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Metal Symphony
Dragons Fly Free
November 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Alrighty then. I have had this CD for less than a week but this is a review that I have to do. The name of the band is Metal Symphony. Well there is no metal in this release and very little symphony. With a name like Metal Symphony the first bands that would come to mind would be Rhapsody, Labyrinth , Thy Majestie and bands of that ilk. There is nothing on this release that remotely resembles any of those bands. What Metal Symphony is, is the one man project of Diego Sendra who provides all guitars, keyboards and vocals. Once upon a time Metal Symphony had been a full band playing powermetal but as lineups fell apart Sendra continued on and began to create music on his own. The style he now plays is self described as Acoustic Symphonic Medieval Metal. The acoustic and medieval part I agree with. The symphonic and metal. I am not so sure.

The Cd consists of 9 songs all consisting of just guitars and keyboards and vocals except for the opening instrumental "Apprentice Inspiration". "A Lesson From Life" is up next and Sedra sets the tone for the CD with very mellow almost doomy music with very subdued vocals. "Blade of Our Steel" deals with a very medieval theme in knights and bloody battles to the death! Other topics dealt with on the disc are the internal darkness of the soul on "The Gates of Suicide" and loneliness on "Remembering the Past". The closing track is "Metal Symphony". It would make a great powermetal track if it was set to some great music.

This is a totally self produced and packaged CD. Even the booklet which contains all the lyrics is done at home. It’s a very cool package for a homemade product. The music on the other hand could do with a bit of sprucing up. I think my main problem comes from the fact that the name of the band and even one of the songs on the disc is Metal Symphony yet there isn’t any metal nor symphony to be found. The songs themselves blend into each other so that if I jumped around I could hardly tell which track I was listening to. Don’t get me wrong. Anyone who puts out a CD and does all the work and performs all the music is obviously talented. I think in this case the talent just needs to be funnelled into the right project.
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