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Metal Law
March 2010
Released: 2008, Metal On Metal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

German traditional heavy metal warriors Metal Law were formed in Berlin in 1997, but under a different moniker back then (first as Reudig, then changing their name to Rapid Fire). With some line-up changes, doing two bigger festival shows in 2006 (Protzen Open Air and Headbangers Open Air) and finally getting their debut album (NIGHT OF THE WOLF) on Battlecry Records in January 2007, the band started to gain more and more name for themselves, taking small baby steps one by one. Some time after the release of Metal Law´s debut record, Italian label Metal On Metal Records steps in, and snaps the band under their wings, and the band gets ready to record their follow-up album.

That follow-up album is titled LAWBREAKER, containing 10 tracks of... well, make your wild guesses now! Hah, actually don´t bother. The band seems to be well at home with their early Running Wilds, Maidens, Manowars and Priests, so talk about some pure, traditional and fist-pumping heavy metal anthems here. As a matter of fact, when spinning this album, it can be said that the guys in Metal Law don´t even try to pretend to be something else but a metal band in which all the musical influences of their biggest heroes are meant to shine through as clearly as possibly - and I am really just fine with that. The band´s vocalist, Karsten Degling, even tries to imitate Eric Adams from Manowar the best he can, and he actually comes very close to sound like him at times, I think. And when his vocals are supported by heavily this Maiden-Priest-Running Wild-flavored straight and melodic heavy metal, they actually do have a pretty nice concept here that simply cannot be ignored that easily with a snap of the fingers. But damn, they still own more than some unnamed metal heroes trying to re-live their past glory times all over again in 2010 Anno Bastardi.

From the aspect of technical playing style, our beloved German metal warriors in Metal Law obviously are not your most technical players on the face of the earth either, having their tiny technical flaws sticking out from the songs every now and then, but so what? Who cares in the end as LAWBREAKER is still lotsa fun to listen to (their lyrics are fun to read, too), offering a fair handshake to the glorious days of 80s heavy metal, and just giving the fans of 80s styled metal something to be enjoyed. Metal Law is good for what it is (i.e. pure, straight and honest heavy metal) - and if you have hard times to let their very cliché-filled heavy metal pierce through your ears, then don´t listen to them. It´s as simple as that really.

Metal is the law indeed!
Track Listing

01. Legacy of Knights (intro)
02. Crusaders of Light
03. Right to Rock
04. Lawbreaker
05. Between Dark and Light
06. Heroes Never Die
07. Open the Gates of Hell
08. Metal Law
09. The Caravan
10. Heavy Metal Is Forever


Karsten Degling - Vocals and guitar
Thomas Parchem - Guitar and backing vocals
Michael Dobbertin - Bass and backing vocals
Ingo Creß - Drums

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